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Baltics by Motorhome, Blog 31

By keef & annie, Apr 15 2012 12:16PM

We have always had the desire to travel the Baltics by Motorhome having seen some of it via a cruise in 2004 and Keef has relatives from Riga, Latvia so imagine our surprise when we were reading our latest Practical Motorhome to come across this article.

We are now totally inspired to do it sometime soon. How about you, its not the usual route, have any of our readers out there been to the Baltics by motorhome , if so please share your experiences.

Some useful sites are

Estonian Tourist Board

Latvian Tourist Board

Lithuanian Tourist Board

The lovely folk who did this trip (adam & sophie) spent almost 450 days travelling thru 30 countries in their motorhome and travelled over 36k miles. We only travelled 47k miles in our year away in the southern hemisphere and thats a much bigger land mass and 12.5k across Canada which is the 2nd largest country on earth, so it shows how far they travelled. Big respect to them. If you would like to learn more about them them please visit their website.

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Adam and Sophie's updated site
Adam and Sophie's updated site
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