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Confusion over Hose Pipe Bans! 2012 - Blog 21

By keef & annie, Mar 26 2012 09:41AM

With special thanks to Brian (anne's brother) for this article / response from MMM.

Are you confused about how the hose pipe bans ,currently only in the south of England, may affect you this summer as a Motorhomer.

Read this

"Dear Brian

With the confusion over whether motorhomers in the south of the country can or can’t fill their water tanks using a hosepipe we have successfully petitioned two of the water companies in the affected areas to exempt motorhomes from the hosepipe bans that are coming into force early next month.However, there are still several water companies that have either not yet clarified the situation or are still in consultation. Readers are advised to check with their water supplier after April 5 before filling up using a hosepipe. Meanwhile, it is not all bad news – the former Brownhills site in Preston is now under new ownership, which is great news for motorhomers in the area. And, Ford is starting to let details of its new – and much anticipated – Transit to come out ahead of its official launch next month.In addition, those of you heading north of the border this summer are in for cheaper ferry tickets after the Scottish government agreed to reducing prices after a successful trial. Read on for more…

Happy motorhoming!

Daniel Attwood "

Our view was that as it is in essense for domestic use it is exempt however but its worth knowing / checking

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Drought, what drought?
Drought, what drought?
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