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Follow VW Samba, Blog 26

By keef & annie, Apr 5 2012 09:07AM

We found this great set of people with a lovely history of the classic VW on Facebook.

Why not give them a look, and maybe even a like, if you are that way disposed.

Some brilliant pictures.

Quoting their synopsis "VW Samba: VW Bus history, stories, culture & evolution. Join us and celebrate the most iconic vehicles ever produced. " Have your say, were they? We like them a lot , they are classic to look at and whilst our motorhome is a VW autosleeper , which we love, we are just not sure that we could cope in an old classic on a long trip now that our hippie days are over *smile*

The VeeDub is a classic! FACT

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at the seaside
at the seaside
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