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Get a Cable Tidy - Blog 17

By keef & annie, Mar 17 2012 12:51PM

Makes it so much easier to wind and unwind those often heavy electric cables and you can set it up so that the motorhome / van / rv end is ready to attach when you arrive reminding you that it is a good idea to attach the van end first.

Plus it means you don't have all that cable hanging around your van that fellow travellers can trip over.

What do you think? Have your say, share your experiences.

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Added a rather worrying image, see the 2nd image, this is what can happen, please be careful and remember to uncoil the whole cable from the cable tidy every time, thanks #justsayin'

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Nov 2020 : Here is what can happen, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
Nov 2020 : Here is what can happen, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
cable tidy from eBay
cable tidy from eBay
Mar 17 2012 04:14PM by Bryan

Good practice to unwind all the cable before use. Coils can get very warm during use.

Mar 17 2012 08:03PM by keef

bryan I agree entirely and thanks for that clarification

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