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Blog 104 Camping in Scandinavia, Recommended No 9.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Jul 21 2016 12:25PM

UPDATE Nov 2022

Retrospectively numbered 9 because these clubs will really help (and reduce costs) for your camping in Scandinavia

It is worth knowing that in most if not all Scandinavian campsites it is necessary to have a Camping Card Europe card. You can get away with ACSI, UK Caravan Club & UK Camping & Caravan club if you are lucky in one or 2 sites but that won't last for long and give you unnecessary hassle on what should be a relaxing holiday. Despite ACSI's notes that you MAY need one, you definitely WILL need one. Remember ACSI is a Dutch company, and their card is not used readable on most scandic campsite computers to automatically get your details off. No need to buy one upfront you can get one at the 1st scandic site you stay at costing about £14 (2016). What you will need for cheaper camping in the Scandinavian countries is DENMARK - CC Europe card, ACSI Discount card, pay on leaving (i.e., they keep your cards as security) SWEDEN - CC Europe card, ACSI Discount card, Pay up front FINLAND - CC Europe card, ACSI Discount card, Pay up front NORWAY - CC Europe card, ACSI Discount card, Pay up front Note in Germany, France and Holland the ACSI members card and discount card are fine and there is a mixture of paying up front and on departure. Do hope this hint and tip helps others. Kind Regards Keef & Annie

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There are 4 types of cards... in sequence on the slideshow

  1. Camping Radet / Camping Key card Buy at any Scandinavian site, these are ESSENTIAL

  2. ACSI discount card Buy up front online, ESSENTIAL for discount, well worth it

  3. ACSI registration card Used in place of your passport, Buy online from ACSI Buy both from their Web Shop

  4. UK Caravan & Motorhome club membership buy online

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