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Blog 5 Advice for travelling in France, Breathalyser kits, Yes or No?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

By keef & annie, Feb 25 2012 02:01PM

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There are supposedly two major changes for us Brits travelling in our Motorhomes / RVs to France from this year. It is hard to prove conclusively that they are now law but it would be sensible to know about them. 1. The need to carry a breathalyser kit for each person on your Motorhome with you 2. If you have speed camera detection on your Satnav under POI (points of interest) you will have to disable it. You can order a twin NF pack of personal breathalysers here from Alcosense. Just make sure you get the ones that conform to the supposed new French law. We are not sure what you do if you cannot disable the POI function on your SatNav but from things we have read that under the new french law they can fine you up to Euros$1000 and impound your motorhome. This is in line with them ‘hiding’ speed cameras and ensuring being aware of them is illegal under french law. We will continue to research and update the Blog when we know more definitively. If you know more please let us know in the comments. Thanks UPDATE: 8/3/12 Assuming your Satnav is a TomTom when you plug it into TomTom HOME there is an option to exclude POI for France. May be worth selecting this option! UPDATE: 12/8/13 latest views on breathalysers are that this will no longer be enforced by the French but suggest checking the latest website bulletins before travelling, there are definitely some grounds for confusion but we would hate you to be caught out. The satnav advice is definitely current but TomTom etc. give you the option when you connect your device

how to use breathalyser kit from alcosense
breathalyser kit from alcosense

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
Dec 29, 2021

29/12/21 the old google browser links take one to a blog blank page which seems to work #tick

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