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Blog 68 Websites, New Blog using HTML5 code

Updated: May 2, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Mar 27 2014 04:16PM

Just unpacked the motorhome for 2014. Ran between the showers and have had to dry the breathable cover off in the garage but amazingly after 6 months it started 1st time, shows the trickle feed to the engine 1 hour a day has worked. Taking it off for a try out over the weekend.

Original Design (Blogs 1-67) Pre Jan 2014

TECHNICAL NOTE: As of 18/8/16 the old blog website entries have been also converted to HTML5 removing the need for flash and making them so much more portable to any device type running the blog UPDATE Nov 2021: both versions of the old Blog i.e. 1-67 (on motorhome-travels blog. net) and 68-158 (on motorhome-travels blog. co. uk) are now redundant and slowly, very slowly, being migrated to WIX from Moonfruit. As all Blogs are being dumped in this process I'm having to recreate them in the new editor , not surprisingly this is a long job with 158 blogs to do and nearly 10 years of them, images, comments etc etc Moonfruit helpdesk cannot answer any of my questions about URL, SEO recognition and consistency of accrued history value, Grrrr, hopeless, they were good once, no more and as for Yell, dont get me started!!!

Redundant comment Nov 2021:

There are however still far too many blogs to transfer them over so they are available via the INDEX page, where we used to have a link by year to each of the blogs in that year, the new WIX functionality means we now have a "category" for each Blog Year and with this new improved functionality you can just go straight to that year and see them all, wonderful. No real need to have the picture slideshows by year either as all available under that blog but I need think about the design for that page going forward, the jury is out to avoid duplication.

New Search Methods UPDATE 2nd May 2022

Completely replaced by Blog 179 Design History

2020 All now Responsive code 2021 Moonfruit is moving code lock stock & 2 smoking barrels to Wix, we will see if it works seemlessly (hope / fingers crossed)

Nov 2021 The bottom line is it is NOWHERE near seamless, loads of stressful work to get it into a sensible shape that mirrors what I used to have, Grrr

our lovely wendy house van just out of hibernation
our lovely wendy house van just out of hibernation, and enjoying the sun

Old Site format

pre Nov 2021 , moonfruit formats, for nostalgic reasons

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