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I have finally managed to repair my old DVD player, the only one that will play these c 2010 constructed family DVDs and used some software (honestech) to capture them onto my laptop. Needless to say, all I have done is captured the "chapter" screens as they are quite long. There are 9 DVDs starting back in 1987 the last of which is a "genealogy" one showing various immediate ancestor generations. The full underlying videos and slideshows are available in the Family Tree database, yes, all 44GBs as at Jan 2021. I also show highlighted slideshows by person mainly immediate family, i.e., our descendants, parents and in some cases grandparents and great grandparents, especially if there has been a road trip / sea voyage undertaken by them, where I will have a video with audiobook overlay and / or a SoundCloud audible track. These have been created by my alter ego KeefH Web Designs and I am learning all the time to improve the professionalism of what is created, especially true type voices from about 2020, which replace the older computerised voices of 2011. Plus old family Travel Blog stuff, Enjoy!

Old DVD Covers & Menus
our family tree image HELLINGER / JONES stuff  for motorhome trips and travel blogs
old family phoro

My Genelines to all my Ancestors showing "Events" over time 

My direct link to Harald Bluetooth (a Viking hero of mine) 


Annie's Genelines to all her Ancestors showing "Events" over time 

Anne's direct link to King James 2nd and Royalty 

Dad H
Mum H
Mum J
Dad J
Anne's Aunt 1924

Take care, please note that Auntie Gertie's audiobook of her diary is 9.5 hours long, so you may want to listen in stages #hint

This is just the India part of Aunty Gertie's diary set to Army images and those of around India and life there. It is 130 minutes long

Read Blog 190 alongside this for textual write up

Audio Diaries
1967 Sea Trip

This is an account of Annie's family journey to Australia in 1967 transcribed from Mum Jones diary, either listen to the audiobook on SoundCloud or view the sympathetic video constructed in Clipchamp by KeefH Web Designs or read the Blog, thx

Read Blog 187 alongside this for textual write up

1969 Roadtrip

Read Blog 188 alongside this for textual write up

1970 Roadtrip

Read Blog 189 alongside this for textual write up

Anne's Granny 1897

Read Blog 191 alongside this for textual write up

Read all the Genealogical Travel Blog 's here, they are our older family records updated in 2022 by KeefH Web Designs

Genealogy Blogs
Cuz Raph's Book
Memories of Mum
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