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These video were created using the phone app Travel Boast where I drew out all the places we stopped at on route in order down to in many cases the smallest villages. It then draws out the route with a motorhome (and / or any other animated transportation icon i.e. plane, car, bus, van etc etc.) driving to show where we went. I have then hooked its 4 formats I had created into one You Tube video. Landscape, Portrait and square maps which are further altered to be on a map of 5 possible formats i.e.. Day, Night, soft blue, soft grey and one with enhanced road definition just for added effect. It is easy in the phone app to alter these map backgrounds and the orientation of the screen. You can also express the distances travelled in either kilometers or miles. For the purposes of this website and because I work in UK old money all my travel blog routes will be in miles. I have also (where necessary and desired) joined them together with some relevant images and textual overlays using Microsoft's Clipchamp. See what you think, i think it brings the journey to life and adds to any travel blog #newfeature The thing I do find out of kilter though is its estimated distance when compared to the actual distance we have recorded via other means, for example via our motorhome's speedometer which we know are accurate, even more surprising is the fact that between portrait and landscape using the same map data it comes up with different distances travels #wellweird

This page shows all our holiday and motorhome travels but by implication as I only discovered this app in 2023 is a Work in Progress (WIP) It will take a while. Thanks for reading.



This is an overall list of the motorhome-travel blogs that currently have travel blog route maps, it is for obvious reasons work in progress 
NOTE some where the travel route videos are repeated are not expanded in detail here to conserve space on this page but are available embedded within the blog itself. Just click on the blog titles to view, thanks. If I didn't do that this page will be too long

ALSO NOTE On a mobile phone it is neccessary to scroll across this table to enable clicking on the Blog Title to go directly to that blog to see the travel route videos

Tick List

BLOG 37 - 2012 Trip 2 "Down South" 

Blog 37
Blog 60

BLOG 60 - 2012 Trip 1 Clumber Park 

BLOG 71 - Our French Trip Travel Route

Blog 71

BLOG 129 - Our Irish Trip Travel Route

Blog 129
Blog 162

BLOG 162 - Holiday 2007-8 Travel Route

Blog 192

BLOG 192 - Family Holiday to Singapore & Thailand Travel Route

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