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  • Blog 186 Leisure Vehicle Electrical Trader Highly Recommended by motorhome-travels blog UK, No 10.

    Created by KeefH Web Designs, November 3rd, 2022, 14.19 PM OVERVIEW We have had a ticking noise issue behind what we thought was the control panel in our van for about 6 months now, and no it wasn't the usual dial on the fire not being set back to zero on the gas half, i.e., it is trying the pilot light ignition. We got to the point whereas the level of noise grew we turned off the habitation switch which charges the 12V battery when you are hooked up to electrics at a site, which on one dark long night recently was not clever as all the internal lights went off. So, I researched Google as you do looking for a specialist in electrics for recreational and / or leisure vehicles and I'm so pleased to say I found Gary. What a lovely fellow with 47 years' experience in the field and just so knowledgeable. We had to drive to his house in Lichfield but so glad we did. He was initially perplexed by the ticking noise but eventually traced it to a hidden transformer gadget (don't ask me I'm no expert) whose fan was partially stuck and as it tried to rotate made what sounded like a clock ticking #hintsandtips #horology So well done, he is going to order a new one for us as it was unrepairable and fit it for us, we will return to Lichfield which as a byproduct of this we managed to call in on, never having been before, fab city. He is always busy so I wouldn't want this post to swamp him with work, but if you need an expert Gary, is your man. Can't recommend him enough to my motorhome-travels fraternity. UPDATE 24/11/2022 Gary now had the part, a replacement 10-amp charger for the habitation (hab) battery, which has no fan and because we have many of the internal lights replaced with LED ones (easy to do folks honest, if I can do it anyone can) the drain on the internal battery is not so much. We drove to Lichfield once again (a lovely city and home of the other Darwin, Erasmus) taking a somewhat torturous route, note to self don't let satnavs take you down long winding single-track roads of in the middle of nowhere #haha where we met again Gary and his very kind wife who was lovely chatty and offered us a drink. Anyhow Gary replaced the offending 18-amp part, and all is now quiet and correctly charging the habitation battery. Whilst in the process of checking all the chargeable mains connections Gary discovered some reverse polarity #overmyhead where someone (to be identified) had put the live in the neutral and the neutral in the live, presumably by mistake, as some stage in the main switch board. #notgood #dangerous #scary Gary sorted this and retested everything. Now all good. We asked what the effects of that would be, if you were touching the metal of the van outside and put your hand on the ground whilst mains were plugged in you could get a nasty electrical shock. Horrible and something we had no idea about. We all reflected on why anyone would do such a thing and concluded it can't have been wrong from when the van was built by autosleeper in the Cotswolds as they know what they are doing. The only thing we know about in our tenure of the van, now 10 years plus, was Don Amott's whom we don't trust having used them for many years as it is where we bought the van put in a new fire as a condition of our purchase, the old one did not work. Gary said the connecting wires were short so maybe, just maybe they did this to make it fit, but realistically who knows. I have to say we had so many issues with their service over the years we would NEVER use them again #hintsandtips So pleased Gary fixed this for us, now no noise whatsoever and the battery we know charges properly, we could not recommend him highly enough a very helpful chap and just so knowledgeable, we would always use Gary for electrical and probably gas work on the van, just hope now nothing goes wrong again for a while. Got the van home, getting ready for winterisation we washed it with the soapy high pressure jet spray, chammied it down to remove the last residues of summer dirt and left it to dry before putting on the breathable cover for winter resting. Happy bunnies now with Wendy houses repair work.

  • Blog 185, Our Cake Tour of Norfolk & Suffolk in Total Sunshine for October, #amazing #onHoliday

    Created by KeefH Web Designs, October 18th, 2022, 11.28 AM Motorhome trip No52: October 5th - 17th 2022 NOTTS-> Norfolk & Suffolk, Various Sites Mostly Caravan and Motorhome Club Sites (M&CC site) -> NOTTS 509 miles MENU Introduction Diary and Calendar 2 nights at Sandringham Estate (M&CC) 2 nights at Pinewoods (independent site) Wells Next to the Sea 3 nights at Incleboro Fields, West Runton, Cromer (M&CC) 3 nights at Great Yarmouth Racecourse, Caister on Sea (M&CC) 2 nights back at White House Beach site, Kessingland, Suffolk Highlights / Lowlights Photo Gallery Talkies Video - Live Action Reels Maps Audiobook and Dickens Site Details etc. That's all Folks INTRODUCTION 2 weeks away in the lovely Wendy house basically travelling around the coastline of East Anglia starting at Kings Lynn and ending at Kessingland all in amazing sunshine and blue skies, what's not to like plus we managed rather naughtily to pull in a whole stack of cake eating, which we justified with the line " we are on holiday!" #naughtybutnice We have previously stayed in East Anglia in the van and with family and friends, go straight to those blogs by clicking on the links below Norfolk Suffolk We loved every minute of it and the van performed well, there was a mixture of Motorhome & Caravan club sites (M&CC), we have renamed it from Caravan & Motorhome club sites as we are Motorhomers, no offence Caravanners but it's like Snow boarders and Skiers, friendly rivalry is the spice of life! Beside driving only 509 miles, which in fairness apart from the journey there to Sandringham and back from Kessingland was very little daily as we mostly used buses and foot to view most of the East Anglian coastline and some of the inner villages, we walked about 29 miles, an average of just over 2 miles per day with one day around 5 miles being the most walking. History time folks, you know I like to do this! It is worth noting that as you enter Norfolk you are reminded of their most famous son, Horatio Nelson, the county sign says, "Nelson's County". He was born at Burnham Thorpe which we did visit on the last day on the way home but were deeply disappointed by the lack of tribute, one solitary plaque on a wall on a newly built Nelson's barn, even the church (his father was vicar of Burnham Thorpe), was a huge disappointment. Whilst being proud at a county level, maybe they are embarrassed by his relationship with Emma (Amy) Lyon / Hart / Hamilton, actress and model or as I prefer to call her "Page 3 stunner", at the local level, so much more could be made at Burnham Thorpe for this great Naval Admiral #justsayin We spent a bit of time reading up on him, Emma and the daughter Horatia whom they pretended was adopted in Naples, named Horatia Nelson Thompson (surname after a ship mate of Horatio's) later Ward (she married a vicar) and is buried in Pinner, Middlesex, note to self-visit when we next see Cuz Ros & Nigel. Very weird relationships, what I would call a menage-a-quatre, when they all lived at Merton House, Surrey, Sir William, Mrs Cadogan, Emma and Nelson, oh and daughter Horatia. Click on the links to read more #historylessonover Our dear friend Kevin Jackson "Moose / KJ" (1955-2021) was writing his last short historical on Nelson, it was going to be published via Amazon, but they told me on numerous occasions it was being held up although I can see it is now available should you wish. Plug for Kev BUY HERE Nelson’s Victory: Trafalgar and Tragedy published by TSB | Can of Worms, 2021 (ISBN 978-1-911673-06-4) UK & (ISBN 978-1-948585-19-4) US Kev had borrowed a lot of Captain Cook biography books from us (our travel hero) and it was going to be his next, he asked us if we would mind if he put in a foreword to us in it... Mind? my god we were absolutely "stoked / made up", not sure if it was finished or will ever get published but we will keep an eye out! You can see many of our Motorhome travels in search of Captain Cook under our 2007-8, 2010, 2013 and 2017 trips links in the trailer! We attended a memorial at the Hammersmith club to remember Kev on Saturday 22nd Oct 2022, arranged by his wife Claire, a lovely fitting tribute to a wonderful man, I have included my own personal add on to that here Return to MENU DIARY This shows where we went and camped on each day of our 13-day mini break in Norfolk & Suffolk in October 2022. This slideshow is taken from what Google Photos has automatically recorded about the known locations of where our pictures are taken from, all very clever but I thought I would at least record it here. Return to MENU 2 DAYS AT THE SANDRINGHAM ESTATE CAMPSITE Covers the 5th and 6th of October. Left home about 11 a.m. and headed off towards Norfolk via our usual route. Stopped on route for lunch in a layby on the A47 with cobs and sandwiches (including marmite, yippee!) love it or hate it, I love it and of course Annie's homemade lemon drizzle cake, start off the way you mean to continue I say. Arrived at the Sandringham Estate Caravan and Motorhome club site at about 2.30 p.m. We were surprised at how empty it was, nicely laid out site really in 2 areas with 2 facilities blocks, 1 motorhome service point which we used to fill up with water, habitation 110 liters for our Wendy House and of course the loo flush. Chose a pitch quite close to the amenities block, pitch number 73. See Site Details. It was also close to the woodland pathway leading across to Sandringham, which we did try visiting the house and gardens the next day, but the house was closed as a Friday and as the car parking fees were huge, we decided against it. You can park for 30 minutes for free, hardly long enough to even walk to the ticket office. Anyhow we had a bit of a walk around the site and out the entrance researching where the bus stops were for our trip to King's Lynn the next day. Loved the Bug-ingham palace insect houses dotted around the site and the tributes to our late queen. After this we went back to the van and carried on listening to our Richard Osman audiobook before about 6 p.m. trundling down to the gate to buy our lovely fish and chip supper from the mobile van that visits the site, luckily for us on a Wednesday evening. Thursday by the way is the wood fired pizza van at the gate, but we skipped that as Keef had the trad lasagna, salad and garlic bread at the ready. Thursday started as a very sunny day, and we walked to the bus stop just outside the site (other side of the road) to catch the bus to Kings Lynn. The opposite way the bus goes is Hunstanton on the coast. King's Lynn was only about 15 minutes by bus, the Hunstanton trip is about 30 minutes. Love our old codgers bus pass, long may it remain, quite a perk! King's Lynn has an association with bad King John being one of the last places he visited as was evident from the Statue, stories about his treasure and cup and sword at Guildhall and Gaol. The history trail around King's Lynn was lovely with many plaques pointing out what was what, we learnt a lot #culture from historic Marriott's warehouse museum, the old Purfleet dock area, back streets, priory, granary, malthouse, Custom House, Whites House, King's Lynns famous son, captain George Vancouver (yes, its Canada again folks), jail, guildhall, the guy in there giving us a personal history tour (obs. bored) , did you know on the dole was to do with the doling knife used to dole our left overs to the poor, I didn't #fact , St Anne's church, the Globe, Market square, the fabulous Minster and old town area, King's Lynns museum, quayside, walks, Asda on the way in and later teehee for booze and cakes (ok not cultural but almost edifying Haha) Here is a slideshow of our images taken during those 2 days, it last approximately 7 minutes. Return to MENU 2 DAYS AT WELLS NEXT SEA OR AS AWAG SAID WELLS NOT NEAR THE SEA Covers the 7th and 8th October. The above introductory comment you would understand if you visited the beach and the tide was out as it was when we went, it's a true hike to the sea. Anyhow in chronological order, we packed up and left the Sandringham site after using the motorhome service station to fill up again and drain off our wastewater etc. Our first stop was Castle Rising, an English heritage site not far from the campsite, we parked up and went to take a view of the ruins. Nice area though and fabulous sunshine to show it off in its splendour. We then called in at the ASDA store on the route to King's Lynn for provisions before going to the Queen's Sandringham (I guess now King Charles III's estate) how weird is it saying that it's been my lifetime so far! We parked up and walked to the ticket office, huge gardens, cafes, shops but sadly as it was a Friday the house was closed, so we decided to travel on. Annie was interested in getting some lavender for po-pouri bags, so we went to Norfolk Lavender on the A149, bit difficult parking a motorhome up in their somewhat cramped packed car park but as Wendy house is so slender it wasn't an issue. Sadly, they didn't have any, but it was a fun look around and their Farm shop was a delight, bought coronation chicken pasties for lunch and some Black Bomber cheese, a particular favourite. Amazing gourds on display and fresh local produce, the varieties of Norfolk apples I had never heard of was extensive. Anyhow we took our ill-gotten gains off to Hunstanton sea front and had lunch there, pasties and Annie's remaining lemon drizzle cake, why not? Amazingly blowy on the sea front, i foolishly got out for a closer look over the cliffs, I and the van were rocking and not in a good way. After lunch on the way to Wells-next-the-sea we stopped at the Burnham Overy Staithe windmill, we came across Staithe and Wherry a lot as words in Norfolk, a wherry I knew as an old-style boat but staithe I had to look up, "a landing stage for loading or unloading cargo boats", there you go although as the windmill was now inland, I wasn't sure how it applied. After the windmill we went onto the campsite, checked in and set up on pitch 18, good facilities, not so great pitches, and at £44 a night the most we have ever paid in the UK, I have to say not worth it. Mobile vans doing fish and chips, Thai, Indian, Pizza etc. visited the field day by day but we had enough in the fridge already so ate in. The next day after showers we walked to the beach and had a really good walk along, a massive expanse of sand stretching miles. All owned by the Holkham Estate. The beach huts are possible the best I've seen on any beach even beating Southwold. After the beach we took the tow path back along past the RNLI (contributing, they do a great job and in my humble opinion should be centrally funded) and along the harbour back into the town, a lovely stroll in beautiful sunshine, great views, bird life and benches should you wish to sit a while and take it all in. In town we had a coffee and lemon drizzle cake. A long stroll up the main street to the end, uphill, looking in the very interesting array of fisherman and other types of shop, of course being forced into having a local made ice-cream on route. Unheard of normally in October. we then came back downhill via one of the many little jitties, adorned with flint fisherman's cottages, just lovely. By the time we had walked back to the site we had walked just over 5 miles, exhausted we revived in the van with, you guessed it cake and assam tea whilst listening to a few more chapters of the Thursday Murder Club, we slept well that night. See the Spoonbill Drift Touring Park details HERE The slideshow is 5 minutes long Return to MENU 3 DAYS AT WEST RUNTON, NEAR CROMER Covers 9th, 10th and 11th October. Sunday morning breakfasted we "broke camp" and having realised we couldn't make the departure time for the Wells & Walsingham steam train from the Wells station, Keef rang to see if we could do a return journey from the other end of the line at Walsingham, the lady said yes, so we got our skates on and travelling through some lovely Norfolk villages parked up at the village car park (pay and display) beyond the Farm shop and literally legged it to the station with a few minutes to spare. A very nice 30 minutes each way through rural Norfolk on this narrow-gauge railway, I heard a guy say he was taking lots of pix to feed his son's obsession with train porn #haha the journey was great fun, and we avoided the Essex Hen do that had decided this was their day out, little did they realise it was quite a hike at the Wells end to the nearest pub #haha again After the train we had a look in the Saint Seraphim Trusts reused post Beecham station now a shrine with tranquil and well-maintained gardens at the back along the old platform. A true trainspotter delights. The garden shed had lots of memorabilia about the villages old station and line, such a shame, will they ever be resurrected Mr. Shapps, Grrr, another broken promise #sorrypolitics After this we moved the van down into Walsingham and had a good walk around, quite a historic village, very catholic ended up on our circular walk at the farm shop, much more expensive than the one at Norfolk Lavender so we gave it a miss in the purchase stakes. From Walsingham we travelled on through many lovely villages especially the wonderfully named Little and Great Snoring. Annie my lips are sealed! We arrived at the West Runton Incleboro Fields caravan and motorhome club site at about 5 p.m. Lovely staff so helpful and friendly, got settled in for the night and planned tomorrow's excursion. For site details click HERE. We were on Pitch 16. Monday, we visited the National Trust's Blickling Hall, not surprisingly at Blicking. Full of history it was where Anne Boleyn was born, not a lot of people know that, as Michael Caine once uttered in his best Cockney. A fascinating place with many clocks, grapevines, vistas and a whole lot more topped off for Annie with the Norfolk Craft market in one of the upper floors, we had great fun and learning all day and the guides were very knowledgeable. See the slideshow to get a much better idea. We met an older couple who had the same van as us so traded notes. We had lunch in the van then started slowly making our way back to the campsite. We stopped at what we thought was an open craft center on the way back at Abby, only it was closed apart from (his words) the mad metal man with anvil but no forge, making / welding a giant Giraffe for a commission, he was a lovely bloke who let us watch, ask questions etc. The lady who had asked him to make this said it would enable her to think she was on the safari she had never done every time she looked out of the window. She must have had a huge garden. I joked we could get him to do a mouse for ours. After taking to him for a bit and asking all manner of ill-informed questions #teehee we returned to base via Cromer where we parked up on the sea front, fairly empty as late in the day, we walked through the many landscaped sunken gardens along towards the RNLI station and pier, stopping by the west cliffs for some fab views. Something that saddened us was the passing of the Cromer bagots which you could see the remains of on the cliff edges, traditional goats that had long since perished. Apparently, they will make a return in summer. That is such good news. Happy and filled with new knowledge we settled back in for tea on pitch 15. The site goes across a golf course on entry, FOUR! On the Tuesday we walked past the West Runton common and railway station to the bus stop to catch the bus into Sheringham, where we had an extensive walk through the main street, shop hopping, especially drawn to the Norfolk ales shop and the hippy shop down to the coast and along the promenade quite a way past beach huts and sandpipers as far as the east end and back via the murals showing crabs, lifeboat history and town criers. Almost back to the bus stop Keef had a look at the North Norfolk tourist steam train before we caught the bus back chatting whilst awaiting its arrival with a couple from Ely Cambridgeshire who owned a static caravan at West Runton, fun times. If you want to see site details, click HERE. The slideshow is almost 12 minutes long You probably all know of my huge interest in Horology and Blickling Hall National Trust house enabled me to further indulge my passion in all thing's clocks, here are just some of the many English, French and American ones I found at the house. Just wonderful Return to MENU 3 DAYS ON THE GREAT YARMOUTH RACETRACK, LISTED AS CRAISTER Covers 12th, 13th and 14th October. Wednesday, we packed up and headed off towards Horning ready for our paddlesteamer ride which I had prebooked (essential) online. As we left the site across the golf course, we stopped opposite West Runton common as we saw a muntjac deer chomping away. He didn't seem concerned at our presence and indeed allowed me to both photograph and film him. We parked up in the sailing club paid car park and were surprised to find first a silver shadow roller parked in the car park behind us, then a successive series of old English cars dating back to the early 1900's all being Alvis's and it was a club who were on tour and going to join our 1 p.m. 90-minute round trip on the Southern Comfort Mississippi river boat cruise. We started talking to one of the club members who was very pleasant and most informative, what nice cars and all in such pristine condition. After a brief chat and viewing we went off for a walk around the village of Horning, an incredibly quaint place with thatched roof pubs, expensive properties on the water's edge with space to park your boat. On the way back to the paddle steamer, we had to arrive 15 mins early for boarding we noticed a set of early Dickens books in the Post Office window. We bought then and quickly rushed them back to the van, heavy they most definitely were. We then joined the queue for our cruise it was packed but we managed to get a prime seat outside up top enabling fab views and easy listening to the captains great and humorous commentary throughout our journey. We turned at Ramsbottom Broad in the Broads national park which we had entered from the river Bure which was mostly what we travelled on. Past various luxury abodes, the ferry inn, the marina with its Spoonbill metal statue, even the ranger who patrols the broads, the vicar's rectory off church road, returning the way we went, a little blowy but nothing a hat and gloves couldn't sort out. As we came back to land 3 older guys were racing model yachts in the harbour, much like the real thing, magical. We thanked the captain for a fun afternoon and returned to the van to warm ourselves up with hot soup and bread and yes you guessed it, cake! We then carried onto Gorleston St Andrews church across the huge new Great Yarmouth harbour bridge in search of Annie's rellie Spencer Smythe who was Great Yarmouth harbour master for many a year. Sadly, no luck despite looking at every row of gravestones. We then came back over the bridge to our next campsite, called Craister but actually in the middle of the Great Yarmouth racecourse. Thursday morning, up early, breakfasted and walked out across the Melling Road (sorry not sure what the crossing across the racetrack at Caister is called) to the bus stop and caught the no 8 local bus into Great Yarmouth bus station. From here we caught the express bus, either X1 or X11 can't remember which into Norwich bus station a very fast ride, normally costs £7.50 free to us pensioners #tick Walked around various older areas of Norwich, Timber Hill, Castle gardens and old Market area. To be honest much of the older areas like Castle Fee etc. have been redeveloped so overall we were quite disappointed in Norwich and the 60s planning department should be shot, the best building by far is the original Norwich Union headquarters (now Aviva) so in the end we decided to cut our loses, had a lovely 2 course lunch in Bella Italia, did a quick bit of shopping in the Tesco's express and hot footed it out of there back on the bus to Great Yarmouth and then back to the campsite. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. Friday, we caught the bus no 8 the other way as far as it went which was to Marram Drive, this was after an aborted attempt to walk out of the site to the left and down to the coast there, fairly quickly we realised that was impossible as it was open scrub land and miles to walk so the bus was a far better option to see the beach at Caister on Sea. Marram drive was quite close, we had a nice long walk as far as we could go on the promenade towards Caister town, Keef getting onto the beach shore and sand under foot. Once we could go no further, we turned back and walked through the Caister Haven holiday camp, more or less empty, used the cash machine, observed what it had tom offer, it claimed to be Britain's 1st ever holiday park, not sure if that is true. Walked all the way through and out onto the main road to look for the first bus stop and caught it all the way back to the campsite. Caister is nice and interesting. Still bits we couldn't see so will bring the van back tomorrow. It you wish to see the site details plus some stuff on Norfolk bus routes click HERE. The slideshow is 7 minutes long Return to MENU 2 DAYS BACK AT WHITE HOUSE BEACH, KESSINGLAND, SEE BLOG 184 FOR EARLIER VISIT Covers nights of 15th and 16th October, we travelled home after 13 lovely days in the sun on the 17th of October. So, Saturday 15th we packed up the van and went and did a bit of shopping in the Tesco's on the outskirts of Caister we had spied on the way in by bus yesterday. After that we drove along the narrow road called appropriately Beach Road but found height barrier bars at the car park in front of the RNLI preventing the van from going in, turned around and went up and parked on the side of the road a bit further up and walked back. A lovely beach area with nice views, interesting fisherman's cottages and outhouses to store nets etc. in, mostly Victorian at a guess. Loved the Lions Head gates leading to the sands. After Caister we drove to the Southtown area of Great Yarmouth to St Mary's church to try and find Annie's relatives gravestone, sadly the church has none, but I have the vicar's number to follow up, Spencer Smythe was a "big fish" in this fishing community for many a year as harbour master so hopefully we will get somewhere with this genealogical jigsaw puzzle. After Great Yarmouth we went to the embankment at Gorleston looking back on the harbour master's house. A nice area with steep cliffs, great views and sunny skies and seas, indeed the cloud formation was quite weird and pronounced as we sat there. After Gorleston we carried along the coast towards Suffolk visiting Hopton on Sea and Potters Leisure resort which we had been to with my parents and sister and family in 1998 & 1999. Then onto Corton beach another family favourite from years gone by. Until we finally returned to White House breach caravan and motorhome site at Kessingland, pitch 92 this time. Checked in, set up, got ready to walk up to the fish and chip restaurant for tea. Very nice meal with a shared chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for pub. The first course being way too filling. #wimps We walked back past the lovely Waterfront where we will eat tomorrow all lit up and busy at night. Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, Annie's knee was giving her some pain, so Keef went beach combing and picture taking over to the beach, got some nice driftwood and stones. Lunch time we went to the fab waterfront restaurant, so love this establishment, it's what drew us back to Kessingland after last time. Afternoon spent sunbathing and reading outside gearing up for the long 5-hour trip back home. Monday, we packed up earlyish, got some diesel on route and visited Nelson's birthplace at Burnham Thorpe, see HERE for details. After that we called back into our famed ASDA outside King's Lynn and then wended our way home, a fab holiday, loved every minute and feel like we know the East Anglian coastline quite well now. It you want to see the site plan click HERE. The slideshow is 5 minutes long Return to MENU GALLERY See below for the Highlight images split in 3, firstly us and then the landscapes then finally the cakes (oops) Here is a gallery of assorted pix of us. Plus, Keef at King's Lynn Customs house on the quayside, just love my birthday tee from dear pals Chris & Allyson "iRetired, there's a nap for that" in case you can't read it #friends See our fun motorhome travelling with them back in 2017 Here is a gallery of what I would deem the highlights or maybe just best pictures from throughout the trip, clearly the whole set of our images are included within the individual sections of the trip based around which campsites we stayed at. It lasts about 7minutes and is accompanied by Kate Bush music #strangerthings Here is the gallery of some if not all the cakes we managed to consume during our calorie ladened adventures, our excuse, apart from "we are on holiday" is that as we are now deep into autumn and need to generate body heat during the energy crisis, OK as it was totally sunny during our explorations of darkest Norfolk & Suffolk that "business case" probably doesn't hold water, tee hee #cake So, the cakes we ate were in no particular order, Annie's homemade Mary Berry Lemon Drizzle tray bake, Eccles cakes, millionaire slices, terry's chocolate orange cheesecake, warmed chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate eclairs, more chocolate cake oh and a few ice creams but they don't count as cake. I've probably missed some but that is most definitely guilty as charged. So now it's back to Cals and carbs in a big way #boo PS it's not cake but I can't sing the praises of Jigfoot, a Norfolk golden ale enough, just loved it, had it first in the Warehouse on quayside in King's Lynn, a 14th century conversion with museum of old King's Lynn buildings and trades, I then bought various bottles and even bought some home #yummy Also, Adnam's ghostship from Suffolk is not bad, had this in Kessingland but have had it often in Southwold before and at Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton on Sea which we did revisit for nostalgic reasons, we went as an extended family with Mum & Dad in both 1998 and 1999. #family Return to MENU TALKIES This is the total set of talkies videos combined using MS Photos app taken from my phone and Annie's, it last about 20 minutes but there are train rides, beach walks, and much much more, give it a view. love #craister Return to MENU HIGHLIGHTS / LOWLIGHTS In no particular order the HIGHLIGHTS would be, sunshine, Wendy House running smooth, a variety of cakes, Blickling Hall NT house and its Norfolk Craft fair, very interesting, the Wells and Walsingham miniature steam railway, 30 minutes each way, we went from the Walsingham end, it's a bit far away from Wells so drove, the garden of peace located on the pre-Beecham railway station, Walsingham Catholic village, a tribute to Charles 1st the Martyr as they named him, Wells beach huts, realising (finally) that my 12V light system in the van only works off the hab. (habitation) battery (silly me!), Bella Italia in Norwich, Timber hill in Norwich, Using our bus passes, proximity to M&CC sites to the bus stops at nearly every site, good stuff , Norfolk Lavender farm shop, listening to the Thursday Murder Club audiobook, Reading Jo Nesbo's latest - The Jealousy Man set of short stories, twists galore, v clever, Annie mastering pix on her phone, Horning and the whole paddle steamer experience (the Southern Comfort) on the Norfolk Broads, the commentary was fun sometimes hilarious, plus getting the complete set of 1930s Dickens books from the local post office there, plus and Horning was the village that kept on giving meeting and seeing the old Alvis car club, just so lucky, Gorleston on Sea coast line, Turner's Walton Bridge (pre impressionism, more Constable) wholly owned by Norfolk and currently on show in the King's Lynn Museum, just wonderful alongside a special Turner exhibition, I spent a while there, the lovely little sandpipers at Sheringham, Steeleye Span (with Maddy Prior) playing in King's Lynn, sadly not when we were there else would definitely have gone, John Sell Cottman, a Norfolk artist from the JMW Turner school, and trained by him during Turner's stays in Norfolk, Marriott's warehouse Kings Lynn, Fish & Chip suppers at both Sandringham and Kessingland, munch jack on west runton common near the golf course entry to the site at Incleboro Fields. Now also in no particular order the LOWLIGHTS would be, Pinewood independent site at Wells, whilst the facilities and location were excellent at £44 a night the pitches were not good, too many sites with grass only pitches when I believed I had booked hard standing, the mentality of some Brits, whilst Wells beach clearly delimited areas with big signs saying NO DOGs people took no notice, clicking relay on switch board in van (gotta get it fixed), Hunstanton, Lowestoft, most of Great Yarmouth, Norwich (medieval my whatsit!) , Norfolk Lavender not having any Lavendar for sale, Boo! The Club site new app not working properly re "take deposit, take balance automatically night before"... in fairness to the great Warden at Incleboro Fields site he reported the problem and rang ahead on our behalf and its will i'm sure get sorted (I ....probably in a minority here....like the new Club site app, teething problems I accept from poor testing, but it will all get sorted) #mytuppenceworth Not being able to find the gravestone of Annie's rellie Spencer Smythe who was harbour master at Great Yarmouth for ages even though we looked in 2 churches at St Andrews, Gorleston and St Mary's Southtown, realising that my phone photos only works with my finger as security, when Annie uses it they always turn into videos, she now uses her own phone for images #goodnews Too many yappy little dogs that sadly started their barking v early in the morning, we like to sleep in when camping, Holkham Hall estate near Wells was far too expensive for House & Gardens else we would have visited, Lowestoft quay side area, old people at the back of the express bus into Norwich taking up 2 seats each or putting shopping bags on the seats preventing people from getting on saying it was full and therefore having to wait for the next bus, appalling behaviour . Return to MENU MAPS NORFOLK & SUFFOLK Return to MENU CAMPSITE DETAILS Here are the images of pitches we stayed at on each campsite, they will be followed by the site plans Sandringham, Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Here are some details we picked up at the Sandringham estate, quite empty really but I guess understandable for Autumn although the weather belied the season Wells-Next-The-Sea, Pinewoods estate This is all private with static caravans and part of the wider Holkham estate, they seem to own the beach as well. We didn't visit as House & Gardens cost £34 p.p. and we didn't expect to be there that long. West Runton, Cromer, Incleboro Fields Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Here are some details we picked up at the West Runton site, quite empty really but I guess understandable for Autumn although the weather belied the season, but also the wardens had closed off much of the site as limited visitor numbers. Great Yarmouth Racecourse / Caister Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Here are a few details including the Norfolk Buses route map and suggestions, we used buses heavily from the site as you can go a long way on an oldie's free bus pass especially with stops really close by just outside the site entrance, ideal for the "hard of walking" like us #smile White House Beach Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, Kessingland Here is a pitch map, our second visit in a month, see BLOG 184 We were on Pitch 92 this time and just around the corner Pitch 93 last time, very handy for sunshine, hence our sitting out on chairs on Sunday afternoon after a big Sunday lunch. Site really attractive for 1) nice warden who know our pals Lawrence & Yvonne (at the Bolton Abbey site in Yorkshire) and they come from Stapleford / Breaston / Long Eaton (indeed the wardens at Great Yarmouth also know L&Y) 2) Waterfront Restaurant and Fish & Chip restaurant and Old Sailors pub (great Gone Fishing local ale) #recommendation Return to MENU AUDIOBOOK AND DICKENS I was lucky enough to buy this set of 1930s Dickens books whilst on our travels from the post office in Horning, many thanks to the older gentlemen who was happy to sell them to us. Just wonderful, clearly, they are not currently in publication order but paying homage to my inherent OCD #nerd I will set them straight Here is the chronological order they were written in, I have read quite a few but will definitely read those I haven't as yet Return to MENU THAT'S ALL FOLKS

  • Blog 184 - Kessingland and Southwold, Suffolk with Pals, 15th to 18th September 2022, Van Trip 51

    Created by KeefH Web Designs, September 19th, 2022, 8.18 AM Motorhome trip No51: Sept 15th- 18th 2022 NOTTS->White House Beach C&MC Club Site, Beach Road, Kessingland, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 7RW ->NOTTS 335 miles MENU Introduction / Overview of Weekend You Tube video of all photos and videos Photo highlights and Norfolk / Suffolk "pals" camping memorabilia White House Beach caravan & motorhome club site, Kessingland George Orwell in Southwold Map of the Area Audiobook The end, tags etc. INTRODUCTION We had packed the van, mostly, the day before which was a good thing as it was spitting when we came to do the final packing up. Breakfasted and ready to leave soon after 9-ish Keef had a nightmare time trying to get the iPod touch to play music despite a good long try at it (much to Annie's annoyance) #technologyeh Note post return iPod touch all rebuilt from scratch after resetting ready for music on our next trip. We liked the Norfolk / Suffolk area so much that we are thinking of returning shortly but for a much longer spell, realistically a 4 hour drive each way for a long weekend now we are nearly Septuagenarians is a little too much, it was no issue for a weekend after work on a Friday way back when the boys were young , but that was just a fun escape from work sent with our dear pals, Pete & Joy and family. Anyhow we eventually left after filling up with diesel (wow that hurt price wise, well over £100 for a tank nowadays) #WalletOuch 😉 There is no direct route to Suffolk and Norfolk as we have found over the years, i.e., no motorways so it's mostly A roads like A52 and A47, basically taking us from home via Spalding, Grantham (famed for the Iron Lady), King's Lynn, Dereham, Beccles, Lowestoft and Kessingland. We did stop for some pre prepared tuna mayo cobs at Frensham just before Dereham. #yummy We arrived at the campsite, White House beach at about 2.20 pm this Thursday to check in. Site arrival times have altered recently being 1 pm, and what with the hassles the club has had with its new booking system for both customers and wardens alike we were glad to arrive a little later, there was only a minimal queue. On the last day it looked like Bedlam with so many caravans and motorhomes arriving at the same time. We introduced ourselves to the lovely wardens Helen & Neil who coincidentally knew our pals Lawrence and Yvonne as they had worked with them in Airdrie Scotland and even more coincidentally after Helen rang me a couple of times, we established she taught at a junior school in Long Eaton in an earlier life and Neil came from Stabbo (Stapleford) where his parents still live, what a small world we live in. Anyhow we set off to find a hard standing pitch, we selected pitch 93, set up, it started to rain. It was a good flat pitch and quite close to both the amenities block and the nearby water / bins / ablutions site. Returning to tell Helen about our pitch number we asked for an extension till 4 pm on Sunday to allow time for our Sunday lunch at the Waterfront restaurant. Fully expecting to pay, Helen said it was at her discretion so all good there, thanks Helen.! There are an even number of grass and hard standing pitches on this site with a couple of rows beach side, but they are first come, first served and we weren't first #haha It was fairly windy but had now stopped raining, so we decided to go for a stroll on what turned out to be a very pebbly beach and a long hop to the sea, as it turned out literally, Keef foolishly thought it was sand so wore shorts and flip flops. #ouch We walked over the carefully laid old tyre inners down to the water's edge, some interesting beach plant life and old boats but huge waves and a sharp incline to the sea, so turned back, up to the Sailor's home Inn and nosed in at the Waterfront restaurant. Took quite a few pictures on route. The it was back to the motorhome for a relax and early tea. Spam, Hash Browns and Baked Beans #carboverload and yoghurt for pud. Early evening Keef made use of the TV aerial hook up on the post with his cable and we watched some "real-time" TV including the wonderful Repair shop. Friday was raining most of the morning, probably good for farmers but not motorhomers #haha Keef spied out a pitch for Pete & Joy as the site was very busy and not many folks were leaving. Pitch 117. What I hadn't realised was this was not the pitch without awning P&J had booked, oh well no worries they arrived about 1.30 pm and got set up. We said our greetings, K doing some scones and jam and then we headed off for the Sailor's Home Inn up the road for a jolly good catch up, what a fabulous pub that sold 5 different types of local real ale, we were of course forced to try most but Keef settled on "Gone Fishing" and Pete their "Best", the ladies having wine and Cinzano respectively. What a fun time. 271 years around the table now. In the evening P&J cooked a lovely Lasagna with garlic bread followed by Tiramisu, accompanied obviously by an appropriate amount of alcohol, well why not, we were all on holiday #suchfun Saturday Pete worked out which bus and from where we could use our old folks passes into either Lowestoft or Southwold. As we all love Southwold that was the choice. It's a short walk up the hill to Wash Lane where either the 164 or 99 (differing bus companies) leave from. It's about a 30-minute trip which would normally cost about £3.70. We caught the 164 which came along first. It stops at the far end of the High Street. What a lovely place Southwold is. Weather wasn't bad although a little grey and likely to rain. We resaw many of the shops and architecture we had seen on our previous trip to Southwold, not in the motorhome but in a family rented holiday cottage BLOG 89, we then walked along the beach front, waves lashing at the defense wall, past all those lovely beach huts, expensive to buy and about 9 available to hire (£24 a day). We stopped to watch 3 surfers in the huge waves by the pier and a nut case swimming in the sea, it takes all sort, he looked a little blue in my humble opinion #haha We then strolled to the end of the pier after a brief stop for coffee and then back past the crazy mirrors. There was an appeal for Ukraine van and a bit of history about Southwold celeb Goerge Orwell. We then headed back into town past the stately lighthouse and went into the Tip Tree Cafe for coffee and cake, Black Forest Gateau (very 70s) and Lemon Drizzle. What surprised us was despite the lady saying they were short staffed as the reason we couldn't have a piece of their lovely looking quiche; we saw no difference in cutting cake to quiche, oh well. We just had to live with it with our tongue's hanging out #haha We also bought some nice jams in the shop; the gins however were overpriced. Then it was onto the old Cheese shop and purchasing a huge slap of Snowden's mature Black Bomber, probably along with St Agur my fave cheese. We then caught the bus back to the site and called in for one quick one at the pub, why not? Keef cooked halloumi burger, halloumi chips and garlic bread with salad for tea, followed by citrus cheesecake in little ramakins and cheese and biscuits. A fab day all in all. Lots of gassing as well #obvs Sunday Joy cooked a lovely breakfast and we all started to pack up ready for the return journey but not before being hugely surprised by having Sunday lunch at the wonderful waterfront Restaurant. Must give them 5 stars on Trip advisor. Whilst awaiting going out for lunch Keef helped Helen & Neil, the wardens, take down poor Mr. Hodge next doors awning. The poor old fellow had fallen and broken his arm in 2 places and was all plastered up, he was alone and lived in Kenilworth so was having to be transported back the next day, car, caravan and gear, not a great break (if you will forgive the pun) for this older gentlemen, we all felt sorry for him. Anyhow after lunch we all said our goodbyes and wended our way home, what a lovely weekend Annie & I really enjoyed ourselves. As Boris and Arnie once said... Hasta la vista baby.... Return to MENU THE WHOLE TRIP IN PICTURE FORM WITH MUSIC See our full photo and video diary Return to MENU HIGHLIGHTS & PAST MEMORABILIA See highlights with our pals, what a fun weekend. NOSTALGIA TIME: I have also included a few from our earlier visits to the area, be that Aldeburgh, Southwold, Walberswick, Cromer, Pentney Park and nearby Gayton, Hunstanton (Searles), Hopton on Sea including nearby California beach, Swaffham Beckland Meadows (Blog 45) or Kessingland. As far as I can tell from my photo records we visited June 1986, June 1987, Jul 1990, May 1991, May 1996, June 1999, May 2000, Sept 2002, Aug 2012 so it's been a while since we last visited that area, i.e., 10 years #smile Return to MENU OUR CAMPSITE Here is the supporting stuff for the White House Beach caravan and motorhome club site that we picked up that you may find of interest including i) the site map, we were on Pitch 93 hard standing, very close to good service point, and Pete & Joy were on pitch 64, the only standard pitch without awning unless you include the front seaside, which are impossible to get on anyhow, ii) the site details sheet iii) some stuff on local walks and history of Kessingland iv) the fab real ales at the sailors inn just a short walk up from the site v) the fish and chip restaurant further up the road, allegedly the best in Suffolk, P&J have been there, we will on another occasion. Return to MENU GEORGE ORWELL QUOTES He spent time in Southwold as a teenager and return again to this beloved seaside town in his 30s, he lived next door to the now bakery and then fish and chip shop in the high street, we were reminded of some of his politically astute quotes from both Animal Farm and 1984 but there are many more. Some animals are equal, but some are more equal than others (somewhat prophetic in the current climes)! Big brother is watching I will work harder 4 legs good, 2 legs bad .... and 4 legs good, 2 legs BETTER (Hmm!) Napolean is ALWAYS right Return to MENU MAP Return to MENU AUDIOBOOK You can listen to this blog as an audiobook if you would prefer, I have also provided a full slideshow with an audio overlay, which may suit some, maybe the hard of reading 😉 Return to Menu THAT'S ALL FOLKS

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    WELCOME TO MOTORHOME TRAVELS BLOG Mostly in our lovely "Wendy House",site started 2012 when we bought our Autosleeper To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Welcome to motorhome-travels.co.uk a blog for motorhoming, recreational vehicle and campervan enthusiast. We are a member of motorhome blogger uk. We show all our motorhome trips in our lovely auto sleeper VW campervan (whom we have nick named Wendy after a wendy house for obvious reasons). Each of our motorhome trips are pictorially represented via an extensive set of slideshows plus some videos and we write about each and every one of them in the blog. You can use our index page(s) to peruse them and then chose one you are interested in or if you prefer use the Site Search to look for a particular topic or word you may be interested in or use the A-Z Index to find things alphabetically, the choice is yours. 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Each section starts with a clear map showing the approximate location of each of the stopovers. Stopovers are listed four to a page, with clear symbols indicating the number of places, whether large motorhomes are accepted, any facilities available such as water or waste disposal, etc. The address, post code and phone number of each location is given, there is a paragraph of information about the hosts, and clear directions to the location. To go to their site please click HERE Its £28 per annum P&P, use it twice and you have covered the cost ACSI Maybe use these. Very useful and cheap within Europe (as and when post Covid we can travel) There are a few in the UK, mostly in the south around the coast, we have used quite a few. The book, map and additional ACSI members card help. That card in Europe can be left as security when booking into the site rather than leaving your somewhat precious Passport, just a thought. Roughly €14 per annum and €4 for the card. To go to their site please click HERE CARAVAN & MOTORHOME CLUB SITES (C&MC) Maybe use these. Very plentiful and of a consistent good standard within the UK, split between main sites and Certified Locations (CL) where upto 5 pitches are available per field, often in farmers fields but not exclusively so. Main sites ae generally about £28 per night for 2 and a van, CLs much much cheaper. You get a book and a map, we have stayed in loads. Love them, wish there were more, indeed friends of ours are wardens. PS they own the Alan Rogers guides. To go to their site please click HERE AIRES (Europe) Maybe use these. Good night stops of various sizes, quanity and quality. A great place for Motorhomers to get these is Vicarious Books here in the UK, based in Kent and very nice helpful people. To go to their site please click HERE TRANQUIL PARKS You may like these, "Adult Only" and quiet and peaceful. There is a book listing each of these parks (some of which cross over with those types of campsites already listed but not all. Often the are also in the Best of British Book. We have stayed at quite a few and never had any issues. Depends what you want, peace and quiet or a rave. To go to their site please click HERE NATIONAL TRUST (NT) Don't believe they have many campsites (mostly cottages) but we have stayed at the Houghton Mill one and very nice it was to. Just an extra idea. Guarenteed to be lovely settings To go to their site please click HERE CAMPING AND CARAVAN CLUB SITES (C&CC) We aren't members but have stayed at quite a few. The friendly club. Often there is a shared responsibility with the Caravan and Motorhome club. I note when name-dropping that Julia Bradbury is President To go to their site please click HERE Some Site we stayed at on travels Our Featured Blogs Keef Hellinger Oct 18 22 min 2022 Blogs Blog 185, Our Cake Tour of Norfolk & Suffolk in Total Sunshine for October, #amazing #onHoliday Created by KeefH Web Designs, October 18th, 2022, 11.28 AM Motorhome trip No52: October 5th - 17th 2022 NOTTS-> Norfolk & Suffolk,... 162 views 1 comment 9 likes. Post not marked as liked 9 Keef Hellinger Sep 19 7 min 2022 Blogs Blog 184 - Kessingland and Southwold, Suffolk with Pals, 15th to 18th September 2022, Van Trip 51 Created by KeefH Web Designs, September 19th, 2022, 8.18 AM Motorhome trip No51: Sept 15th- 18th 2022 NOTTS->White House Beach C&MC Club... 107 views 2 comments 9 likes. Post not marked as liked 9 Keef Hellinger Aug 21 26 min 2022 Blogs Blog 183 - Family Holiday to Orlando, Florida, USA - Theme Parks for Disney's 50th at Magic Kingdom Created by KeefH Web Designs, August 21st 2022 17.58 PM Not The Motorhome trip No 18 : July 29th 2022 – August 21st 2022 INTRODUCTION Go... 270 views 3 comments 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 1 2 3 4 1995 2007-8 2010 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2022 All the trips in our Autosleeper Clubman Anniversary Motorhome, a Classic if I say it myself Motorhome definition Motorhome noun. 1.a motor vehicle built on a van, truck or bus chassis and designed to serve as self-contained living quarters for recreational travel. 2.a van or truck like vehicle outfitted as living quarters for camping or extended motor trips 3.a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities 4.a camper equipped with living quarters 5.a campervan (or camper van), sometimes referred to as a camper, or a caravanette, is a self-propelled vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation. The term mainly describes vans 6.a recreational vehicle (RV) used to house its occupants on extended road trips 7.can some times be what is called a 5th wheeler attached to a ute (utility vehicle) 8.sometimes known as a motor caravan used for domestic recreation 9.a vehicle with the physical characteristics of a caravan (it provides living accommodation), and the visual characteristics of a commercial vehicle (size, colour, make, and model) RELAUNCH - Official Migration from Moonfruit Dec 2021 Since being forced by a company level decision by Yell who own both Moonfruit & WIX to recreate my motorhome blogs (both .co.uk & .net versions of motorhome-travels) as Moonfruit is closed (7/12/21) as a business and the old blog editor is no more I have taken the opportunity to both rebuild my motorhome-travels blog site using the significantly improved functionality of blogs on WIX and merge the 2 disparate parts of my old blog into one. ​ I have also used this opportunity to rework my separate BIG TRIP holiday sites , namely HOLIDAY 2007-8 , HOLIDAY 2010, HOLIDAY 2013 & HOLIDAY 2017 by recreating them as Blogs with Menu's and incorporating them into this site as well as remaking them. 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