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Blog 173 - KeefH Web Designs Launches

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 17 2022 10.00 am

Can I help other motorhomers? and / or family businesses just a thought #hintsandtips

The HOME of Great Web Site design for all your Small Businesses

I started my long standing love of web site development way back in 2008 soon after we had returned from our Gap Year after taking early retirement. I had just spent circa 40 years in IT from lowly computer operator to senior consultant and all points in between. My first site was using some seriously old editing technology (graphicorps - now well and truly redundant) I used this to document our Gap Year down under and then when we travelled from one side of Canada to the other. Once this died I signed up with Moonfruit (the then leading independent development tool provider). This coincided with my wife starting her small craft business and her winning Theo Paphitis's Small Business Sunday (SBS) so my first development with this new technology was her Girls Designer Clothes biz site. Having cut my teeth on that I redeveloped the Gap Year & Canada sites. In 2012 having finally bought our own motorhome I created the 1st edition of our motorhome-travels blog to give hints and tips for other homers and document our travels. I then created 2 further sites of our long holidays (mostly in hired motorhomes) in 2013 & 2017. So far I have written 12 sites since retiring plus in all humility I do have some understanding of the BIG PICTURE wrt IT and computing after a lifetime in the industry. In December 2021 Yell who owned Moonfruit decided to close it down (it was past its prime as heavily wedded to the antiquated flash technology) and they much against my wishes migrated (badly) all my sites to WIX (a much better development environment) so I am now slowly but surely redoing all 12 sites (mostly from scratch) anyhow now that I am fully retired (I did go back to do some more consultancy work after my initial retirement for probably about a year on and off) and have a passion to help smaller businesses by providing a service that hopefully is somewhat scaled down from the charges (and subscription fees for ongoing maintenance that the big players charge) SO.... if you are a small start up or family business and need an online presence or would just like to refresh your existing e-commerce site why not head over to look at my EXAMPLES then maybe the PRICES, have a think about it, see what you think and if it suits contact me either by email or phone by clicking the relevant buttons at the bottom of any page. Thanks for looking, best wishes Keef Hellinger

PS My other passions are family, motorhoming and travel, both locally and worldwide so if you need a website in those "spaces" I am very much up for it, let me know, thanks again

If you want to visit my KeefH Web Designs site please click HERE for further details. Thanks for looking

Here are some of my Audio Examples which are provided by the Soundcloud Platform, I can easily do similar for you should you so wish.

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
17 de fev. de 2022

my new web site design biz... hopefully i can help someone else after 40 years in the IT biz #maybe

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