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Blog 107 Countries we have visited Map

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

By keef and annie hellinger, Aug 6 2016 07:44AM

See below... South America and China are the real ones left for us, oh and Greenland and Antarctica, will be fun to see how to get the Motorhome there ;)

Update 2021, now been to China , see Blog 133

It's a process code if you click on the top box you will be able to enter your own places visited hopefully #tick

As at 2016

As at 2017

since all these travel maps are now out of date I will have to create a more up to date one in a later blog, note to self action for 2022 when I have a spare moment not dealing with 10 website needing to be "redone" on WIX as Moonfruit dies, Grrrr

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