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Blog 153 Replacing the Gas Struts in the Roof Vent

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

by keef & annie hellinger 18 July 2021, 4.50 pm

Hopefully a useful Hint & Tip Sadly whilst we were away on our ill fated Scotland trip , until the engine gave up (see blog 152, now rather costly repaired but we would never give up on our trusty Wendy House) the roof would suddenly not stay open on full. Lesson Learnt : re cambelt failure never entrust a Motorhome company to warn you your cambelt may go, mine is every 4 years or 80k miles, Don Amott' general manager told me that sort of stuff was the customers responsibility not them who I have entrusted our vans engine health to for 9 years. Not sure I will again. The gas had gone from the gas struts that generally hold it open. I guess they eventually give up, they have been working fine for 18 years, anyhow I have 2 spare so set about replacing.

gas struts for a motorhome, top opening vent
example gas struts for a motorhome, top opening vent

Not as easy as I had expected, just could not work out how to get the plastic caps off to remove the old one so I asked the ever helpful Auto Sleepers Motorhome Owners Forum (see our Blog 91 - join if it suits) Besides getting sent the full repair instructions I found a very helpful person who had exactly the same problem as me, what a great idea screw in an appropriate screw then use pliers to pull out, hey presto, success In the meantime I had cut 2 thin pieces of wood to keep it open to its full extent. I attach the full script of my help, others may find this forum useful, I do hope so, share and share alike, just click on the button below to download the full transcript as a "secure" PDF If you would like repair instructions for the full roof vent please CLICK HERE Thanks for looking.

Clubman Roof Vent Gas Strut Replacement
Download PDF • 416KB

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