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Blog 84 Website, Travel goes Mobile

Updated: May 2, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Apr 8 2015 05:39AM

Update Nov 2021, with the demise of Moonfruit and the site being moved to WIX which has a whole lot better development functionality for mobile sites alongside the desktop this post is in essence redundant.

UPDATE Nov 2020, due to the fact that Flash is removed Dec 2020 all of these mobile views are replaced by responsive code, please see BLOG 143 for further info. I have reworked all our motorhome travel websites to ensure they are in technical parlance "responsive embedded" and suitable for use on all mobile phones. They always worked on laptops, macs , desktop pcs and tablets but were a little quirky on phones. Why not try them out on your phone and let us know of anything we could do better, many thanks and happy motorhoming!

New Search Methods UPDATE 2nd May 2022

Completely replaced by Blog 179

Old Mobile Version

New Mobile Version

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