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Blog 179 - Improved Search Methods to find the Blog you want on motorhome-travels.net site

by keef & annie hellinger 2 May 2022, 8.52 a.m.


NOTE this supersedes any advice given in earlier blogs when previous Blog development tools were used. All of those blogs will be retrospectively updated to that effect and will point to this blog.

From 2nd May 2022 this is the definitive method for finding what you want.


Hope it helps you find what you want


We have also added a new page called LIST OF BLOGs split in 3 parts

  1. Part 1, will allow you to find the Blog by Blog number in ascending number sequence, by implication WIX forces Blogs to be displayed in reverse date addition order, which since I migrated all my blogs up to December 2021 from Moonfruit is in rather a random sequence, this addresses this issue.

  2. Part 2 on this new page shows all the blogs with just the title in post order sequence showing 50 per page, in essence a quick overview.

  3. Part 3 is an alternative yearly view of the blogs in ascending date sequence i.e from 2012 when I started the motorhome-travels blog to both document our travels plus hopefully share some of our hints and tips learnt along the way, an experience shared will hopefully stop others from making some of the mistakes we have made along the way. What's that old expression "show a person how to fish and they will learn to feed themselves"....or something like that!


The INDEXES drop down

Image of INDEXES dropdown on motorhome-travels net website
  1. By year. This will give you all Blogs assembled by year, some blogs appear in more than one year especially if they were written retrospectively. These when used give you the BIG format of blog. They are in descending year. Hit the ALTERNATIVE (read part3) button if you would like to see them in a shorter format where they are in ascending year.

  2. By Month. Short format by months of the year they were written in.

  3. Tags Descending. Arranged by how often they are used on a Blog, the number next to the tag shows you, click on one and you will see all the blogs represented by that TAG word.

  4. Tags Alphabetically. Allows you to find any tag word you may be looking for. Again the number next to the tag shows you how often they occur, click on one and you will see all the blogs represented by that TAG word.

  5. Blogs in Ascending Order. Refer to part 1 here.

  6. SEARCH & SEARCH RESULTS. Use this to search for absolutely anything on the site. Once found in the search results click on it to go directly to it, so you can read on.

  7. A-Z search facilities. All Blogs have been registered to a letter of the alphabet, some will appear under more than one letter but essentially if you are looking for something it is either the start letter or a letter that is Key to describe that blog, click on it to scroll through Blogs identified this way until you find what you want

The BLOG dropdown

Image of BLOG dropdown on motorhome-travels net website
  1. Featured Blogs. This shows our top 6 blogs over 2 pages in descending post date order, click on any that take your fancy, it shows you how long the blog is estimated to take to read, the number of comments shared at the end of the blog, plus the number of times folk have liked it , shared the love via the like button 💕

  2. Blog Timeline. Various ways of searching for Blogs via one in each year of construction

  3. List of Blogs. Refer to part 1 here

  4. Big Trips Timeline. Shows all our Major Trips in hired motorhomes, just click on any to view, alternatively see what we have to say under the BIG TRIPs dropdown here

  5. By UK County, some of the more visited Counties are featured. More may be added with time, just click on what takes your fancy, especially if you are visiting the UK from abroad and hiring a motorhome, this may give you some tops and/ or campsites to stay at

  6. Book of Blogs. This is taken from the old website and provides a downloadable PDF for offline reading of blogs up to and including Blog 145, created in December 2020. It may be of use, up to you.

The BIG TRIPS dropdown

Image of BIG TRIPS dropdown on motorhome-travels net website
  1. Maps. Shows visitors from across the world to the site plus some very specific locations from our major trips

  2. Audio diaries. Listen to all our audiobooks from our major trips, saves reading the diary, by implication as electronically set up the voices are not always wonderful but that technology is getting so much better, ra-ra-ra for Hazel, George and Sue and if you like North American accents, Zak #thx4looking #thx4listening

  3. Major trips by Year. Currently from 1995 to 2017, take a look

  4. All Wendy House Trips. By May 2022 when this Blog was written we had done 48 trips in our lovely classic VW Autosleeper motorhome, affectionately know by us as just "Wendy". This shows every one of those blogs, scroll through and find one that takes you fancy.


#hintsandtips #search #hashtags NOTE you can use the hashtags you find anywhere on the site to click on as an alternative to TAGs , this will also show you associated Blogs

That's All On Search Folks

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