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Blog 136 Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Notts with the Family

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Jul 15 2019 05:11PM

Motorhome trip No39 : 12th-14th July 2019 A KeefH Web Designs Travel Blog NOTTS (home)->Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Nottinghamshire ->NOTTS (home) 59 miles A fab time with all the family at the campsite, in a lovely setting with many amenity blocks and playgrounds for the grand daughters. Also a lovely raised stream walk around the edge of the park backing onto Sherwood Forest. Outside the far end gate is a fishing lake and inside a duck pond and stream for kids to paddle in. Nearby is Sherwood Pines and the Sherwood Forest steam railway and associated playpark both of which we visited.

family Set up on 2 pitches at far end of site
family Set up on 2 pitches at far end of site

We camped on pitch 1 and 2 at the far end of the park, lovely large grass pitches but the place was heaving , not a slot left so well done to Craig for booking. It was the first time they had put up their 8 person tent with awning so that was a fun family experience with all chipping in. Mostly good weather except overnight Saturday. We had lasagne and garlic bread for Friday eve, BBQ Saturday and lunch old at the nearby fab Dog & Duck Inn in Kings Clipstone. We did the Gruffalo orienteering course thru the Sherwood Pines woods with varying degrees of success… the girls loved the assorted wooded play parks, and minus granny and granddad they all did the Green route cycle track. It was so nice having Doug and family over from Singapore to be able to do this.

  Our lovely grand daughters
Our lovely grand daughters

I have included all our slideshows here and they are repeated again under the FAMILY page, Sherwood camping first then the rest

Doug Phoenix & Charlies visit 2019 (sadly because of Covid the last time, more later I'm sure)


Lunch at our fave Star Inn
Lunch at our fave Star Inn

Just before they left for Singapore we visited Mum (Supernan) in her Nursing home , Charlie said hi to her great grand mother

saying hi to supernan

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what lovely family memories

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