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Blog 147 Motorhome Humour

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

by keef & annie hellinger 8 Feb 2021, 14.45 pm

Campside humour is a must for the Motorhoming community, if you wish to see our Blogs in which it features I suggest you go to the INDEX page and click on the appropriate tag. It will tickle your funny bones (hopefully) There are some jokes and associated sayings that are all things motorhome, plus a slideshow featuring the wonderful Supertramp with some visual gags attached either collected by us on our travels, I have an eye for such things, remembering our pals dropping the water cap down the sesspit at Whakapapa village site in NZ in 2017 ;) Enjoy, let us know what you think if you want! Use comments box below, thanks again for your interest. See Picture Slideshow below

image of a cartoon of campsite humour
campsite humour

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