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Blog 149 New Blog Read Facility, Blogs in Batches

Updated: May 2, 2022

by keef & annie hellinger 11 Feb 2021, 18.02 pm

In order to help provide an additional facility for perusing our Motorhome travels blogs, which due to changes in technology are now still over 3 different construction mechanisms I have created a new page and button to allow them to be looked at in approximately batches of 5 which will allow "inline" reading. The much older blogs which by nature are smaller in content are roughly in batches of 10, these are my blogs numbered 1-67, the rest are in batches of 5. I do hope it helps. Let me know via the comments feedback box here on this blog any suggestions, like, dislikes and I will look into it, many thanks. It is worth noting that blogs 1-67 were constructed using v6 blog code, 68-145 next generation of Blog code and from 146 onwards the new responsive code. Thanks for looking.

UPDATE 10/11/21 It is worth noting that because of the hugely greater functionality for Blogs on WIX I will be retiring this facility as soon as the new motorhome-travels site goes live

New Search Methods

UPDATE 2nd May 2022

Completely replaced by Blog 179

blogs in batches, a new search facility
blogs in batches, a new search facility

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