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Blog 16 Join the new Caravan & Motorhome Club Website

By keef & annie, Mar 15 2012 12:00PM

Just joined the newly launched website @ the Caravan Club, how about you? It was renamed later than 2012 as the Caravan and Motorhome Club due to the rapid rise in motorhome owners, by 2021 I always call it the Motorhome & Caravan club for obvious reasons, won't be long folks 😉

Where do you stand on Motorhome Vs Caravan, have your say PLEASE in the comments box attached to this blog, feel free and many thanks for your time You may wish to join if you haven't already. Some great write-ups recommending good sites in the UK and helpful tips and advice on travelling in Europe. Please comment to join in the discussion on our blog site and share with other motorhome-travels folk on FB social media, thanks Now we have been using it for quite a while to pre book sites we are very pleased, its so easy to use Just one word of warning if you do book in advance be sure to give them ample warning if you have to cancel as they will still charge, only fair really so they can relet the site to others if need be! I think its 2 days or less notice and you have blown it and lost your money. Want to follow our motorhome-travels blog pinboard on Pinterest?

As they say in TV programmes "other products are available" 😉 if you want to see some other club suggestions for motorhome campsites go to the HOME page and look for campsites

caravan club site logo
club logo & website, this is what it was called before changing its name

Note ACSI is probably best for Europe including Eire / Ireland


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