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Blog 27 The Grassed Up Van (GUV), an Eco approach (maybe?) 🤔

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

By keef & annie, Apr 5 2012 03:43PM

Whilst at the recent "small business sunday" #sbs awards event hosted by BBC's Dragons Den stalwart Theo Paphitis because Annie's biz had won back in June 2011 we came across Loving Outdoors who had also been commended by Theo plus tales of their interesting GUV van. Here's an extract from them " Award winning online outdoor retailer Loving Outdoors are heading to the hills and beyond in their distinctive new motor home. Clad in Astroturf, ‘The GUV’ or ‘Grassed Up Van’ as fans have dubbed it, will take the Loving Outdoors team to outdoor events, festivals and popular walking routes across the country where they’ll be on hand with expert outdoor advice, drinks and snacks, fun activities and plenty of chat." So why not find out more about it and where you can see it. Nice people *smile*

Eco minus the fuel type obviously #COP26

What do you think of it? as a concept? and as a talking point? Have your say here, just leave a comment to get the discussion flowing. I'm sure many folk will have views. We certainly lean towards the 'green' as they say. PS We've included an alternative pic of a 'green' van , lol! #COP26 Note: The Index shows ALL blogs already published or you can find Blogs about a specific subject by clicking on a word in the TAG CLOUD, thanks, motorhome-travels. Motorhome-travels RECOMMENDS Loving Outdoors Want to follow our motorhome-travels' pinboard on Pinterest?

the grassed up van a VW, #COP26
the grassed up van a VW, #COP26
advertising the grassed up van
advertising the grassed up van

My sister came across one like this in Florida

seen in santa barbara
seen in santa barbara, eco van


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