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Blog 40 So Proud - Visitors to our motorhome-travels blog site

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

By keef & annie, Jun 28 2012 07:10AM

See also Blog 50 for info Update 15/11/21 (Prior to WIX migration from Moonfruit) 52959 visitors

Update 12/2/21 (Post flash removal via Firefox workaround) 40495 visitors Update 22/11/20 now via Google Analytics / Website Counter 36363 page views Update 8/11/17 20028 visits Update 18/8/16 Now 13255 visitors/ page views Update 10/8/13 Now have 2294 visitors from 59 countries. Please keep visiting and don't be afraid to leave some comments Update 29/12/12 Now 1450 visitors from 55 countries, the largest of which are the UK with 679 different visitors and the States with 473 different visitors. Then way behind that Canada with 47 and Ireland with 43, welcome to everyone, you are most welcome! Update 20/7/12 Now 800 visitors *smile* you are most welcome 28/6/12 Just had our 700th visitor to the blog and we have only been up and running a few months. That makes us SO PROUD. Why not join in and have your say. We are about to launch an article about the Motorhome Vs Caravan. We see more and more motorhomes on the road, we feel ,for obvious reasons, in favour of the motorhome but you may have a different view.

Whether its an RV, Campervan or motorhome the thing it gives you over a caravan is speed of set up and flexibility to roam and not be focused on a radius from one point i.e. the campsite where you have detached your caravan to use the car. Depends of course what you want, we want to explore and love the fact that if we like somewhere we stay for a few days , if not we move on #freedom

canada in the cold, as proud of that as our ever increasing visitors, thanks folks
canada in the cold, as proud of that as our ever increasing visitors, thanks folks

Note Slideshow includes comments on this Blog from the old website

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
25 de jun. de 2022

25/6/22 see Blog 178 for latest statistics

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