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Blog 50 Love You Visitors - Counts of website traffic to motorhome-travels

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

By keef & annie, Oct 24 2012 10:20AM

So PROUD. This is our 50th BLOG! At the end of 2021 (30/12/21) after reworking the Blog on WIX we have 55747 visits

As at 12/2/2021 we have had 40495 visits As at 22/11/20 we have had 36363 visits As at 08/11/17 we have over 20000 visits Also take a look at Blog 40 which has some earlier information As at 11/8/13: We have now had 2297 different visitors to our site since we started from 59 different countries.

By 15/11/21 we have had 52900 visits .... WOW what can I say, amazing exponential growth, hopefully this more suer friendly version created under WIX will make it ever easier for readers to find what they want Which just goes to show that the world is fascinated by Motorhomes, RVs & Campervans. Recently our soon to be daughter-in-laws parents visited from China and were fascinated by our van. In China there is hardly any concept of camping let alone people living in a motorised vehicle. We are amazed by some of the countries that have shown interest . Places you just wouldn't think they would be interested such as KENYA, LEBANON, CHILE to name but a few.

UPDATE Nov 2021

This sort of country / town breakdown is now done using sophisticated Google Analytics Still we know exactly why they are interested don't we, have your say via the comments, you just need to be logged in which is easy.

Motorhomes the world over *smile*, image used to talk about no of visitors to motorhome travels blog
Motorhomes the world over *smile*

a very old converted usa motorhome c 1930s
fabulous old motorhomes, c 1930s

this old visitor tracker code died out as Google Anayltics got better, sadly, I used to like it
this old visitor tracker code died out as Google Anayltics got better, sadly, I used to like it

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Keef Hellinger

25/6/22 see Blog 178 for latest statistics

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