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Blog 55 Holiday of a lifetime 3 - D&P's Wedding

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

By keef & annie, Apr 30 2013 03:20PM

We have been lucky enough to spend 3 months away recently firstly in Malaysia where our youngest son got married which included KL, Langkawi , Georgetown (Penang) and latterly Melaka, then hired a Britz Mercedes Sprinter 313 Motorhome for a month to travel around the top half of North Island New Zealand We spent 4 months seeing North & South island of this lovely country back in 2007/8. We then travelled the Nullarbor plain from east to west in Australia, again in a Britz Sprinter van but this time with a built in external gas BBQ, bliss! Oz also included Sydney, Tassie, Adelaide, Perth and Geraldton. Including our previous trips to OZ we have now travelled around the outside from Cooktown (QLD) to Geraldton (WA) plus Broome, Kunnarra, Darwin and thru the middle on the Ghan including Alice & Uluru. We heart Oz & Nz. We finished our trip with 2 weeks in lovely Singapore. If we tot up the miles / kilometres we drove on this trip we can say we drove the equivalent of the distance from London to Tashkent (Uzbekistan)... It is nice being back in the UK to our own little Motorhome with a whole host of new exciting trips to look forward to. If you wish to see pictures of this trip chose our dedicated Blog 167 for all slideshows & photos. Thanks for looking. Note both our hire vans were Mercedes.

Big 4 site Coober Pedy, South Australia, allegedly in the cool
Big 4 site Coober Pedy, South Australia, allegedly in the cool

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