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Blog 82 Shetlands, Scotland, July 2001 (Retrospective)

Updated: Mar 29

By keef and annie hellinger, Mar 8 2015 05:06PM

Not the motorhome trip no.15 ( a retrospective, hence out of order)

This is a retrospective of a holiday Annie & I took to the wonderful Shetland Isles in July 2001.


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Travelled up from Nottingham in our then red ford escort estate, stayed overnight in Aberdeen , picnicked in the grounds of an open prison (unbeknown to us until we were evicted) Overnight ferry to Lerwick. Stayed in a cottage not far outside Lerwick at Gulberswick Bay. Travelled thru all the islands and even a boat to Fetlar taking the car across. We visited the island of Mousa by tourist ferry and spent the day walking around and seeing the seal sanctuary. Cold and misty mostly but very interesting islands. Met a couple on Unst who had pigs etc. were very interesting. He did IT from home and she ran a craft shop, idylllic lifestyle, used to live in London Travelled on the SS Claire Aberdeen to Lerwick. Note we went back past this on the ferry to the Faroes & Iceland in 2019 Blog 135 after leaving Denmark straight past Sumner Head where we had sat on the beach in the sun all those years ago, next to the Viking settlement and the airport.

The Shetlands are a lovely set of islands, much history, green, lush and rocky. Read a wiki overview here

sumburgh head views,waves and cliffs,  shetlands, scotland, just so wonderful, it has a lighthouse
sumburgh head views,waves and cliffs, shetlands, scotland, just so wonderful, it has a lighthouse

They are made up of Fair Isle, Mousa, Nista, Bressay, Unst, Mainland Shetland i.e. the one with Lerwick (pronounced Lerick!) , Whalsay, St Ninian's Isle, Foula, Yell, Papa Stour and the outer Skerries. What a wonderful memory we have of these lovely Islands, and the wonderful festival of Up Helly Aa. Read all about it HERE.

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Redid this old slideshow in 2023, makes it a little more watchable, hopefully

My original, no sound, created with the redundant Photosnack app way back when...

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utubeo videos recreated by KeefH Web Designs in 2023 using Clipchamp and my original Photosnack vids created way back when

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