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Blog 1 Hello - This is our New Blog, Welcome to motorhome-travel blog started Feb 2012 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

By guest, Feb 22 2012 06:45PM

A KeefH Web Designs Travel Blog

Greetings from Keef & Annie. We plan to use this blog to document our travels in our Motorhome documenting via photo and video what we have seen but also sharing hints and tips along the way. We have already spent a lot of time in motorhomes travelling The Pacific Islands, NZ & Australia for almost a year in 2007/8 and from one side of Canada to the other in 2010. All of these trips were in "hire" motorhomes, but now we have embarked on getting one of our own. The world, well most of it, is our oyster. Stay with us, register using Facebook or your own login and come on our fascinating journey. Note no need to do this now, ANYONE can read our blog, it is entirely open YOU ARE MOST WELCOME


join us for all things motorhome, you are most welcome
join us for all things motorhome, you are most welcome


This blog features an image from our very first big trip away down to Dorset and Devon and is covered in full by BLOG 37 but our very first short weekend break just to try it out after we bought it was to Clumber park in Nottingham, so not very far away, that is covered retrospectively by BLOG 60. Here are some travel route videos using a clever phone app to illustrate those journies, please enjoy, thanks for looking.


Old Summary Pre November 2021

  1. What you might call the "small print" details, ignore if no interest and why would you have? #deeplytechie #sorry #not 😉

  2. Blogs 1-67 are under motorhome-travels.net, I don't have the energy to migrate , sorry

  3. Blogs 68-145 are in old HTML5 format using Moonfruit' s proprietary Blog functionality

  4. Blogs 146-158 were written in Moonfruit' s responsive code

  5. Technically a mish-mash of formats

  6. Yell who own both Moonfruit & WIX decided to close Moonfruit migrating (although very inefficiently) all websites to WIX

  7. This afforded me the opportunity / requirement to redo all my past motorhome blogs in the same format using WIX, it should be noted that the functionality on this web site development tool is much more modern, intuitive and faster #tick #greatnews #joined

  8. Historically from 18/8/2016 website development was converted to HTML5 so will run without the need for Flash on all devices. Blogs 1-67 were initially flash but then converted

  9. Historically from 16/12/2020 website development was upgraded to the more modern responsive coding but HTML blog functionality remained the same and so did blogs 68-145 , at this point blogs 146-158 were written in that new code

  10. Historically from Blog 159 15/11/2021 all blogs were written in WIX's responsive code and all blogs converted / rewritten in that

  11. Associated Blog 160 marks the relaunch



Advice for use of site

The INDEX page has TAGs for all Blogs and by year or month, A-Z INDEX alphabetically or just using the LETTERs in the Tag maps, or you can use the SEARCH page to look for something or just use the search facilities here on the BLOG or the associated Blogs attached to each Blog, entirely up to you, there is a wealth of ways to find what you want, thanks for looking motorhome-travel blog, LIKE to join our Facebook community or have a look at all our great "motorhomes" on our pin board, why not, join the conversation “motorhomes R us” 😉 🌠 ✅ 🤔


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18 mars 2023
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Here's to many more travel blogs, a great site, thank you so much

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