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Blog 10 Motorhome Insurance, Safeguard good for us, Recommended No 8

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

By keef & annie, Mar 8 2012 09:07AM

UPDATE retrospectively numbered as a Recommended Leisure Van trader by us in November 2022

Because they were very good to us when we broke down in 2014 in France, but times have moved on and with the cost-of-living crisis our loyalty has had to be dispensed with in favour of price, so we are now with Performance Direct for both our insurance and breakdown cover but (if price didn't win out over Service) we would still highly recommend Safeguard.

Performance Direct are however not bad either and covered our relay back when the van's cambelt went in BLOG 152


Here in the UK, we did an enormous amount of research whilst trying to select the right insurance for our Motorhome. Our lovely Wendy house, VW auto sleeper clubman anniversary which we adore, by 2021 had her now for almost 10 years, and 46 trips in her. There are lots of factors to consider. price, cover, breakdown assistance, excess, value for money etc. etc. We found that many of the normal car insurance companies just don't do cover for motorhomes, and you may well have difficulty getting your no claims discount statement from your car insurance company, even though they don't offer the service, as they try to protect what they term 'their business'. You will probably need it as on the basis of your car no claims you are generally given a discretionary 4 or 5 years no claims for Motorhomes. Anyhow after some extensive research and asking friends & family we would recommend SAFEGUARD Comparable on price, if not a little cheaper, but the unlimited mileage (many charges are by the miles you do in the year and frankly we don't know the answer to that question yet) and AA European breakdown cover made it right for us. What do you think or recommend. Have your say in the comments box below. Let's get a discussion going for the good of all of us motor homers / rv-ers / campervanners

We used them in France, and they were wonderful when the starter motor went on our van See Blog 71

By 2020 however we had swapped to use Performance Direct as in the growing health & economic crisis that is the global pandemic Covid-19 cost was important to us but I will still continue to champion them for the wonderful help they gave us in 2014, thx again folks

blog 10 motorhome-travels blog image of safeguard insurance website for motorhomes, recommendedus
so so helpful to us in France in 2014, highly recommended for service

safeguard logo circa 2012

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
Nov 30, 2021

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