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Blog 11 Definition of the terms Motorhome & RV, also on HOME page

By keef & annie, Mar 9 2012 03:51PM

A motorhome is a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle or RV which offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. The term motorhome is most commonly used in the UK, Europe including Eire, United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. They are used for motorhome travelling and accommodation.

UPDATE Nov 2021

With the enforced migration from Moonfruit to WIX for this website I have included an updated version of these definitions on the HOME page, do hope they help


A motorhome comprises sleeping accommodation for between 2 and 8 people. Each sleeping place is called a berth. Each berth is either fixed or converts from another part of the motorhome's interior. A kitchenette area will contain cooking equipment. The type of equipment included differs depending on the motorhome make and model, but generally a kitchenette has an oven, grill, hob and sink. More luxury models may also provide a microwave. A separate washroom will be housed in the motorhome. Each washroom will have a flushing cassette toilet, shower and basin. The cassette toilet sometimes swivels to provide extra room and can be accessed from outside the motorhome for easy emptying. More recent motorhomes will have a separate shower cubicle. A motorhome will also have a cab area with a driver and passenger seat. These seats often swivel to become part of the living space. A dinette area provides a table and seating space typically used for eating meals. A lounge may also be included, consisting of either a u-shaped sofa located in the rear of the motorhome or a side lounge. AMBIGUITY IN TERMINOLOGY Mix and match? between motorhome, RV (recreational vehicle) and campervan Motorhomes can be easily confused with American RVs and campervans. Their term Recreational Vehicle also refers to trailers and other types of leisure vehicle which can be towed or driven. Campervans are typically smaller than motorhomes and are constructed differently. Whilst campervans are focused with mobility and low cost, motorhomes have more emphasis on comfort. For example, campervans generally lack built-in toilets and showers, or a divide between the living compartment and the cab. Volkswagen Westfalia Campers are typical campervans. Source. Description above mostly from the Wikipedia article Motorhome but with some additions by us here at motorhome-travels blog.

Saw quite a few like this in Australia & New Zealand

an old kiwi self built motorhome, constructed on an old van
now is this a motorhome? answers on a postcard please, maybe the definitions will help

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