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Blog 171 The Eura Mobil Integra, Vans We 💕 Recommended No. 7

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Dec 30 2021 9.11 am

We especially LIKE✅ this version of the Eura Mobil motorhomes although there are many more lines to like

Their flagship Integra, is redefining the motor home upper class. The emotionally striking and at the same time functional and safety-oriented lighting design underlines the luxurious character of this liner inside and outside. Ambient lighting and state-of-the-art LED technology compose an impressive light symphony. High-quality materials, first-class workmanship, perfectly designed architecture and the extremely spacious interior design are combined to create an incomparable super-comfortable ambience.

We spied this one a while back and featured it in our Instagram posts

to see more visit their website and have a look around their motorhome show entries in Germany HERE

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