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Blog 54 Winterisation of Our Motorhome - Part 2 (2013),Part 3 (2022) & Part 4 (2023)

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

By keef & annie, Jan 20, 2013, 11:36AM

So glad we invested in the breathable cover. See Blog 51 for more details

UPDATE Nov 2022 by KeefH Web Designs The breathable cover is still going strong and is now 9 years old, although local cats have chosen to use the corners when it is on the van as some form of scratching post sadly, which means some of the material is a bit roughed up and has become holed, I have used a strong plastic tape to cover that up #hintsandtips

UPDATE Dec 2023

Sadly our 10 year old breathable cover became home to Roland and his family and they were none too careful so we deceided to replace the cover, very pleased, lighter , easier for us pensioners to put on as has 2 zips down the middle on the sides.

Anyhow onto winterisation. Again, this year I ensured all water was drained from the water tank and hot water tank, took off the taps and with pump on ensured I blew out all the last vestiges of water, from kitchen sink, shower and washroom sink. I then ensured all water was removed from the loo fill up both from its tank drain hole and by removing the feed pipe. I even replaced the somewhat worn plastic gasket on the top of the Thetford loo cartridge, these are only about £5 on eBay, and this will ensure no soak through next year. We often leave a residue of water in the closed loo bowl to stop any indecent smells rising up into the van when it is hot in summer, this will ensure that the water stay in the bowl and doesn't slowly slip through. We always now leave the fridge door fully ajar to allow air circulation and drop the storage door that is overhead, again to allow air circulation for all those months whilst the van is covered up. We always remove the TV aerial spike, so it doesn't perforate the breathable membrane in high winds.

We bring in everything that can be affected by a long shut up such as the bedding infills, any other bedding, washing powder etc. etc. The power is left on trickle feed 3 times a week for an hour which will be more than enough to keep the engine charged and through the relay to the habitation battery that as well.

This year we got the wonderful Gary to sort out our loud panel ticking noise in the van, a real mystery to us, but it was the habitation battery charger that had a sticking fan, and this was replaced. We had to get this done before putting the van to bed for winter. See Blog 186 for more details.

So, as we get older, we are beginning to struggle with the weight of dragging the breathable cover up and over the length of the van whilst balanced precariously on the top rung of ladders, especially if the wind is up. My advice is now as I head to being a septuagenarian (i.e., 70) get a younger son for example to help #haha

See some pictures of our Wendy house now nicely covered up for winter. Click HERE. Do hope some of my updated advice here is of use to you? If so maybe leave us some feedback on other tips and advice to share with other motorhomers, thanks.


One extra tip. If it's going to be a long harsh winter, which alas it probably is with snow, is to ensure that there is charge to your engine battery. We have the van plugged into the garage with a timer, set for a few hours each week just to give a trickle charge to the engine battery, with the internal switch set to engine rather than habitation as one would when in normal mode at a camp site. Hope the tip helps. Have a safe and secure winter.... best wishes from motorhome-travels blog! Additional thoughts...remove any curtains they can mold, bring them indoors and ensure all security systems are fitted. We left the power to the engine on via the garage at 6hours once a week, enough to keep the engine ticking over, oh and rolled the van back and forth monthly to stop the tyres from getting excessive weight in one place. Hope it helps.

For the 1st part of suggested help on winterisation for your motorhome, you may also wish to look at Blog 51, it is associated

winterisation image of motorhome, cover, snow
nicely tucked up for winter in a breathable cover

Picture of Wendy House covered up for winter 2022

You may also wish to have a look at the fabrics we updated in the van

That's all folks, Winnie says welcome to Winter, roll on spring so we can upfurl the covers and get back on the road again with Wendy house in full swing #adventurebeforedemetia

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
Nov 27, 2022

Updated 27/11/22

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