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Blog 80 Florida USA 1997 Retrospective

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

By keef and annie Hellinger, Feb 20 2015 12:43PM

This is a retrospective post as have been digitising old photographs. We travelled around Florida NOT in a motorhome this time but heaven forbid in a car, sacrilege to us motorhomers / Rv-ers/ campervanners but there you go it was in a time BM (before motorhoming). Starting in Orlando we stayed in Kissimmee (nice pool at Villas @ Somerset) visited Disney World a few times, the kids were young, then travelled across the sunshine super highway bridge to Tampa, St Pete's & Clearwater beaches, Busch gardens, Sanibel, Venice, Melbourne beach etc. down the west coast of Florida across the Everglades, thru all the Keys, Marathon, Marine park at Bahia Honda, stayed at Key West, 1930s hotel, sunsets, Hemingway's Sloppy Joes, Key Largo then up to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Cocoa beach, Kennedy Space Station narrowly missing the next shuttle take off by 1 day (Discovery) and then back to Orlando to fly back. Fab times.

I remember watching the sun set and being just about the only person swimming in the hotel pool at twilight If you want to see and read more why not visit our Canada / US website trips click here or if you specifically wanna see 1997 click here

Enjoy - have you done this trip or something similar, let us know about it here, thanks! Would definitely do it in an RV or 5 wheeler next time, gives one so much more freedom.

us at key west on our hotel rooftop watching the sunset, taken by craig
us at key west on our hotel rooftop watching the sunset, taken by craig

Florida 1997 Slideshows

The following sets of videos were recreated by KeefH Web Designs in October 2023 as Google search engines changed their checking on embedded videos and slideshows to check for a viewport error, as the originals were created using photosnack software back in the day and are antiquated KHWD recreated them using more modern software Clipchamp. They are also in the full site HOLIDAY 2010 Enjoy The first slideshow is a combination one showing all slides. The next are duplicates of the originals above.

That's all folks


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