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Blog 143 Websites, All Major Holiday Sites Reworked 2020

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

By keef and annie hellinger, Nov 10 2020 09:33AM

Just in time before Flash vanishes at Dec 2020 I have remastered all our major holiday websites Motorhome memorabilia and fun Why not take a look, thanks, just click on the highlighted links below 2007-8 Our Gap Year after work 2010 Across Canada in a Motorhome 2013 Southern Hemisphere, Our 3rd Holiday of a lifetime ;) 2017 Back Downunder with our Good Friends Enjoy

collage of our other major holiday sites
collage of our other major holiday sites

UPDATE 11/11/21 all of our major holiday sites are being migrated to WIX so that will need a bit of work (deep joy!) ;( they are very likely to look a bit different

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