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BLOG 144 Enhanced Indexing on the Site

Updated: May 2, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Dec 4 2020 07:29AM

New Search Methods UPDATE 2nd May 2022

Completely replaced by Blog 179

A new BLOG TYPE indexing structure has been added to the site to enable you to use both a TAG cloud map and searches via Travel, Hints & Tips, Campsites, Recommended and Other , which features mostly Blogs by UK countries & England's counties To go directly to the TAG Word Cloud CLICK HERE, you can then download the associated file and use it to click on the words in the cloud to go directly to all the blogs associated with that word, have fun, it is secure and fully tested To go to the new BLOG TYPE and its associated drop down of menus or just click on the images shown under Blog Type just CLICK HERE, enjoy and thanks for looking motorhomers or should I say motorhomies #smile Note we first mentioned doing this back in Nov 2017 under BLOG 121 , i.e its only taken 3 years to achive, "good things come to those that wait" #smile

motorhome-travels blog old style tag map pre Nov 2021
motorhome-travels blog old style tag map pre Nov 2021

UPDATED 11/11/21 replaced by new WIX functionality for TAGs across ALL blogs


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