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Blog 146 First New Blog post end of Flash

Updated: May 2, 2022

by keef & annie hellinger 16 Dec 2020, 15.26 pm

This Blog has been set up as a template in advance of the start of 2021 to try and look as similar as possible to the existing motorhome-travels blogs that came before it. They all used a predefined blog coding module which only works under Flash and since this ends at the end of December 2020 I am looking to try and replace manually as best I can. Social media buttons are easy, the tags may be a little more tricky but to make it in keeping and save dosh rather than use an obvious engine like WordPress I will construct and test out myself. My intention is to have 5 blogs per page with a "back to index list" and "older / newer" buttons to enable tabbing backwards and forwards thru the Blogs as they increase, wish me luck! I'm gonna need it *smile*

Update 10/11/21 Moonfruit is migrating to Wix for editing and development therefore I have the opportunity to merge all my blogs from 2 sites and 3 different mechanisms into one coherent and standard Blog format with proper tags , index categories and much smarter mobile formats. So quite a few of the older "search mechanisms" will go

New Search Methods UPDATE 2nd May 2022

Completely replaced by Blog 179

huxleyan - using responsive code, soon to be superceded buy WIX migration
huxleyan - using responsive code, soon to be superceded buy WIX migration

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