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Blog 169 Replicate Major Holiday Sites HOLIDAY2007-8,2010,2013 & 2017 in this Blog✅ ❤

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

By keef and annie hellinger, Dec 7 2021 6.50 am

A KeefH Web Designs Travel Blog

Time to have a drastic rethink on my old HOLIDAY sites, all 4 of them. There is a lot of key history in them all from our lovely long trips post retirement. No way would I wish to lose that history SO..........

UPDATE Feb 2022. I have now done a whole stack of work to rewrite / redesign ALL of my existing migrated sites , which in fairness were very badly migrated by Yell from Moonfruit to WIX i.e missing pages / DNS issues etc etc Their only desire business-wise was to shut down Moonfruit and save themselves money with total disregard for the wishes of their paying customers, indeed with every complaint I make the only solution is to leave Yell (Moonfruit) pay a whole stack of extra dosh and join WIX, as a pensioner not my 1st choice I'm afraid #unhappybunny

NOTE our memories are hopefully now safe for eternity #tick

image of my 4 old website home pages replaced dec 21
old holiday website replacement by BLOGs

Here we go.... see HOME page slideshows, click HERE

Blog 162, 163 replicates www.holiday2007-8.co.uk The original is here 2007-8

Blog 164, 165 & 166 replicate www.holiday2010.co.uk The original is here 2010

Blog 167 replicates www.holiday2013.co.uk The original is here 2013

Blog 168 replicates www.holiday2017.co.uk The original is here 2017

Note those Blogs may be in more than one part due to there being a restriction in WIX for the size and length of read of each individual blog.

Anyhow enjoy...the menu's at the start of each blog emulate the MENU structure of the original blogs the earliest of which is now over 13 years old. A lot of water under the bridge over the years but our legacy is not lost.

As Moonfruit stopped being editable on the 7th December 2021 23.39 pm and as a result of a stay of execution on killing it off until now the 22nd February 2022 (with a bit of hassling from yours truly via Trustpilot for Yell & Moonfruit ) i have taken the decision to recreated each of those sites within the motorhome-travels blog as new blogs with menu's to more or less replicate those 4 sites and ensure that none of the diaries, text and images are lost. In fairness most of the embedded images are already available via associated You Tube slideshows so I will not be using up my data allowance with those #hintsandtips , all this work in the long term is an insurance against Yell increasing site charges quite substantially once a year is up, it will then be easy to remove the migrated sites and indeed on reflection I definitely will, the editing functionality on WIX which is where Yell are migrating ALL Moonfruit sites to before closing that business is so much richer and more powerful and MODERN!!!

The original sites now reworked in graphical form , click to go to the site

So that's a rap folk! #GIF


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