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Blog 3 Hints & Tips: replacing VW auto sleeper motorhome curtains ✅

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

By keef & annie, Feb 24 2012 12:40PM

Even if these just need washing to freshen them up after a few years of travelling taking down your curtains in a VW motorhome and /or van can be a nightmare. Even delicate female fingers found this a challenge and as for my porkers well I wasn't even at the races. We had had some advice from a guy who worked on upholstery for auto sleepers for a long time and his advice was DON’T or be very very careful, the track holders are fiddly, small and inaccessible and each end has 2 minute fitted metal screws to hold the last one from either sliding off the rail or right across when you pull them. So we approached our new VW Autosleeper Clubman Anniversary with some trepidation. He was almost right, DON’T but we had to as we are replacing the fabric covers in the van as well and need something to match. Sure enough one of the little metal ends fell on the green carpet at the front and was hell to find, we did eventually. So getting them off was hard. Putting them back on eventually we guessed would be a breeze, nope almost impossible. I was hunting the internet to see if it was possible to find a replacement set of hook & eyes to make the job similar to hanging normal house hold curtains and low and behold l found VW curtains dot com, we have compared the two side by side and tried them out, perfect and although we haven’t made the new curtains yet or hung them in the van my guess is we won’t be calling up the divorce lawyers *smile* We will let you know here via commentary how it went when they are finally up. Does anyone else have any experience of this ‘problem’, if so we would love to hear from you. One of our aims of this website is to start meeting more people and sharing ideas for a better ‘motorhome’ life. i.e. more time to enjoy the travel / place than concentrating on the motorhome, which of course is fun anyhow.

PS Regal furnishings in Ilkeston, Derbyshire can help with all manner of fabrics that match your auto sleeper internals, have a look at Blog 19, see associated

replacing old with new on a vw anniversary clubman motorhome
replacing old with new on a vw anniversary clubman

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