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Blog 78 Keef's Beer Labels 1990s

By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 4 2015 11:07AM

Nothing really to do with Motorhoming apart from the fact that quite a few of these quality beers were supped by my good self under canvas and probably in a motorhome during our 1999 travels of British Columbia in Canada, and other holiday experiences. I have been collecting these in picture frames on my wall for a number of years and have now decided to digitise them. Prior to the picture frame era they were just bottles displayed around our kitchen and other rooms, Annie said it was either me or them that had to go ;) so they were condensed into picture frames, could not afford the extension to house them! See how many you know or have drunk. Some are tributes to the elections way back when how sad and some show some of the history of that era in the UK i.e. Viz magazine, 3 lions England 96 euro football etc. etc.

By 2021 on the old blog this had over 20 likes, misspent yoof obviously by a few

my beer bottle labels collected over a long period, in kitchen, then picture frames
my beer bottle labels collected over a long period

Slideshow of Beer Labels I collected in picture frames #nerd #sad #haha

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