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Blog 81 Australia 1995 Retrospective 🌠

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 22 2015 08:33PM

This is a retrospective post as have been digitising old photographs. We travelled around the east coast of Australia by car, foot, ferry, boat, public transport and a juggernaut of a motorhome in Queensland which would have held 6 people and had 10 gears. It was a great way to get across the Atherton table land apart from the 3 mile queue behind us as its top speed in the bottom of the 10 gears wasn't great *SMILE*. Starting in Sydney with family we then travelled via Canberra down to Melbourne and then along the Great Ocean road as far as Warranambool and whale watched southern right whales at Logan's Beach before returning to Melbourne and flying up to Cairns to pick up our motorhome for a fortnight. We visited the Atherton tablelands cane sugar country and Green Island by ferry to see some of the Great Barrier Reef. We then returned to Sydney before flying home. Fab times. If you want to see and read more about our various trips to the southern hemisphere why not click 2007/2008 or 2013 or if you specifically wanna see 1995 click here Also 2017 Enjoy - have you done this trip or something similar, let us know about it here, thanks!

Would definitely do it in an RV or 5 wheeler next time, gives one so much more freedom.

3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

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