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Blog 14 Maybe the Top 10 Great routes to travel? 🌠🤔

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

By keef & annie, Mar 13 2012 09:02AM

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Came across this by Lonely Planet , Melbourne. See what may be the Top 10 (by 2020 this had vanished BUT there is a new 2021 destinations, maybe try that for ideas?) Some lovely trips for your RV , Motorhome or Campervan. We have done some of them already but would love to do them all, what do you think? Why not share your favourite "route" with us all here, just list it in the comments. In 3 months time I will chose the Top 3 routes as listed by motorhome-travels blog readers. UPDATE Nov 2021 see Below

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Tongarira National Park, North Island, New Zealand, chateau in the foreground
Tongarira National Park, North Island, New Zealand, chateau in the foreground

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The TOP 3 routes worldwide (at least in our humble opinion)

  1. The Nullarbor Plain, Ceduna (South Australia) to Norseman (Western Australia) Hint use the major holidays button on this page or see Blog 167 and use the menu

  2. The Wild Atlantic Way (Eire) see Blog 129

  3. The Wild Arctic Way (Iceland) see Blog 135

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