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Blog 13 How do I fit and remove my Milenco Wheelclamp?

By keef & annie, Mar 12 2012 07:45PM

Just tried this out and was panicky that it may not come off again after fitting. Luckily it did so thought I’d share my experiences, sorry if its already blindingly obvious to many of you but whilst we are ‘experts’ in hiring vans this is the 1st we have ever owned so its precious to us. Slide the Milenco front cover with top strap over the wheel in a horizontal position, avoiding the wheel arch of the vehicle. 1.Rotate so that the top strap is over the centre of the wheel. 2.Insert the right leg through the right side of the front cover, ensuring the rear leg goes behind the tyre. 3.Insert the key and release the lock by rotating the key 90 degrees clockwise. 4.Insert left leg through the left side of the front cover. (Note: Lower edge of left hand locking plate must insert over right hand locking plate.) 5.Lock wheel-clamp by rotating the key 90 degrees anti-clockwise, and then remove your key. To remove your Milenco wheel-clamp insert key and turn 90 degrees clockwise, pull out left leg. Turn key 90 degrees anti-clockwise, remove key, pull out right leg. IMPORTANT: (From inner label) To remove your milenco wheel-clamp rotate key then push legs together to release locking pins.

UPDATE: 2020 experience has told ne it is worth oiling the wind coil about once a year, just to keep it from rusting up and locking, I would hate anyone to have to angle grind the lock off, that would be such hard work

motorhome wheel clamp image
this is one from a caravan but ours is very similar only for a motorhome it has one side

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fitting instructions diagram for a milenco wheelclamp for a motorhome


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