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Blog 178 - Time to go "Full Nerd", Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics, Ok Truths & Statistics 😉Maybe

Updated: May 3

by keef & annie hellinger 1 May 2022, 10.16 a.m.


Most of my friends and family know of my obsession with numbers and statistics, a defect I accept , but a product of my mathematical background and a lifetime as an "IT Guy" and Annie will tell you a full gadget freak, if its new technology I am there. #3fingersalute #ctlCctlV #imsorryHALicantdothat


  1. April 2022 Stats

Witness after our time up with pals on Mull (see BLOG 177) where we were 1st introduced to FiFi the robot cleaner, that we now have one Alexa driven, tee-hee "Alexa Start Fi-Fi"

Clearly we have Blink cameras focused on our motorhome as protection, in this day and age when you are proud and protective of your vehicle you can't be too careful #recommended

Motorhomes are now much in demand, an adjunct of the Covid pandemic possibly and peoples desires to 1) save cost on their holidays 2) use stay-cations. Part 2 hopefully will not last too long, we would love to get back to Europe for some long trips again in our lovely Wendy House.

We also have a TruckNav for the motorhome which enables us the enter its full dimensions height, width and length which means in planning our route it will avoid narrow roads and low bridges, a real plus

I've always believed since my early discussions / disagreements with a boss at work who said early 80s that the "information supe highway" (now known as the internet would not happen, time for a name drop, it must be in my DNA being at skool wiv Sir Tim Berners-Lee #fact

So I discovered a whole stack of clever ways of getting statistics and reports via WIX, my website creation tool to analyse my blogs and for your delight and delectation I have decided to publish them here, my guess is I will feature a month here every now and then, potentially yearly just to see how the Blogs are being received but who knows, depends on my level of Nerdyness at the time.

I know for you techies a lot of this stuff is available by Google Analytics but this is in so much better presentation material, I'm impressed and that don't happen often #fact


So here goes, these stats refer to the Month of April 2022 when there were 187 published Blogs on the site, maybe it will only have an audience of 1, i.e. ME ha-ha

Details for the most visited Blog posts in descending order on motorhome-travels blog dot net for the month of April 2022, how about that #nerd #statistics #obsessed

That's All for now folks


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