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Blog 44 Worldwide Escapes, It is your Lobster 😉

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

By keef & annie, Aug 15 2012 11:42AM

Thinking of taking a motorhome or RV tour abroad? Maybe Canada, Oz, Argentina, Iceland, Faroe islands, Scandinavia, American West, New Zealand..... There are a few of those we haven't done yet but would love to

However by 2021 the only one we have not done is any motorhoming in South America, now there is a target There are some talks on each of these at the up and coming Motorhome & Caravan Show at Birmingham which could be a useful insight from folks who have already done them Click here to see Presentation Times Note now shows the latest years show and / or the next one Highly RECOMMENDED by motorhome-travels blog!

hire campervan on the road in argentina, south america
hire campervan on the road in argentina, south america

#hintsandtips #vanswelove


Received prior to Nov 2021 on the old site, we obviously found this advertisement at the motorhome show

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